The Devil in the White City: Part One

The World Fair Development

France holds Exposition Universelle

May 1889 - October 1889

Paris: the Eiffel tower is introduced. American national pride pushes Americans to "out-Eiffel Eiffel" after a humiliating out turn in Paris.

Chicago joins race to host world fair

June 1889

Chicago joins New York, Washington D.C., and St. Louis in the race to host the World Fair.

The "Great Fair Vote"

February 14, 1890

Chicago beats out New York, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. for the location of the World Fair.

The World Columbian Exposition Company created

April 1890

This formal corporation was established to finance and build the fair. Although not official, it was clear that David Burnham and John Root would be the lead designers.

Stalemate/ Olmsted

July 1890 - August 1890

There is a stalemate in choosing the location in Chicago to host the World Fair. Frederick Olmsted is asked by a director of the fair board, James Ellsworth, to design the fair's landscape.

Brown Paper Plan

December 15, 1890 - January 5, 1891

Burnham and Root develop a plan for the fair's layout, drawn out on a large piece of brown paper, hence the name, Brown Paper plan. They also get five other architects to join the exposition effort: George B. Post, Charles McKim, Richard M. Hunt, Robert Peabody, and Henry Van Brunt (none from Chicago).

Board of Architects is created

January 12, 1891

The Board of Architects is created with the five architects invited by Root and Burnham.

Root gets sick

January 12, 1891

John Root is falls ill and is diagnosed with pneumonia.

John Root dies

January 15, 1891

Burnham is visiting Root and leaves the room to speak with Root's wife. During this, Root dies, only a few days after becoming ill.

Bank failures?

January 24, 1891

A bank fails in Kansas City on the 20th, and Lyman Gage steps down from his position as president of the fair to care for his own bank.

H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes moves to Chicago

August 1886

Herman Webster Mudgett moves to Chicago, taking the name, H.H. Holmes.

Holmes marries (again)

January 28, 1887

Holmes marries Myrta Belknap despite already having a wife, Clara Lovering.

Holmes' groupies :)

June 1888 - May 1890

Holmes "recruits" three people to help him with his work: Charles Chappell, a machinist; Patrick Quinlan, his building caretaker; and Benjamin Pietzel, a carpenter.

Holmes builds his castle

1890 - 1892

Holmes hopes to turn his building into a hotel for visitors to the World Fair as well as a "castle" in which he could dispose of bodies.