History, World at War 1900 to 1945

The major events leading up to World War one and two

Main events

Most influential towards WW1

Russo-japanese war

8 February 1904 - 5 September 1905

The Russo-Japanese war was fought mainly in asia and the borders of russia, and was for the control of the korean peninsular.
The effects it had on WW1 was the sudden realisation that the amount of territory that a country owned was important.

The war began generally unpopular in russia as a seriers of defeats had left the russian public embarrassed and against escalation of the war, russia was able but not willing as the land was not to important to waste resources on. so they signed a treaty with Japan for peace.

First Balkan war

8 October 1912 - 30 May 1913

First Balkan war was initiated due to the tensions between the Ottoman Empire and the mess of religions and cultures that is the balkans each with there own aspirations and motives.

Kingdom of Bulgaria
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Montenegro
Ottoman Empire

First World War

28 July 1914 - 11 November 1918

The first global conflict that was so terrible during its time it was labeled "the war to end all wars". Beginning with the assassination of the Austria-Hungarian, Archduke Franz Ferdinand by the Yugoslav Nationalist. Austria then declared an ultimatum on Serbia, which triggered a complex treaty and alliance system between the european countries.

Central powers
Ottoman Empire
Bulgaria (1915–18)

The Tripple Entente
British Empire
New Zealand
South Africa
Southern Rhodesia
Russia (1914–17)
Italy (1915–18)
United States (1917–18)
Greece (1917–18)
Romania (1916–18)

Secondary Events

Not so related to the beginnings but still involved or started by the other wars

Italo-Turkish War

September 29, 1911 - October 18, 1912

Italy thought themselves as rightful owners and planned to take it from the Ottomans, declaring it as nothing more than a 'military walk' the Ottoman Empire asked for a non military way of transferring power to the italians. the italians declined and war was declared on September the 29th

Second Balkan war

29 June 1913 - 10 August 1913

Bulgaria unsatisfied with the spoils of the first Balkan war attacked there former allies Serbia and Greece. The ottoman empire also took advantage of this brawl to regain some lost land. the outcome left Serbia with one ally left, Russia.

Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Montenegro
Kingdom of Romania
Kingdom of Bulgaria

The Schlieffen Plan Failure

01/20/1914 - 01/31/1914

A plan by Germany for future warfare in Europe for multiple front lines (Russia and France). one of the most notable part was to move through Belgium to get to France faster, it failed to do so and dragged Brittany into the war earlier as Belgium and Brittan had a Alliance with each other and Brittan had to help and join the war.

Poison Gas

August 1914

Poison gas was first used by the French against the germans and became a very popular and terrible way of clearing out trenches.
Soldiers were issued gas masks that often fell apart due to constant training and limited technology.

Gallipoli Campaign

25 April 1915 - 9 January 1916

A joint op between British and ANZAC troops to capture an important entrance to the black sea which could become an important supply route to russia. Reflected as a terrible failure in planning and execution but the Allies and a great success by the Turkish people.

Battle of Verdun

21 February 1916 - 18 December 1916

A battle planned by the germans to bleed out the french army by attacking a position that they had to defend, mostly considered successful for the french due to the position being taken back although both sides suffered heavy losses.

Battle of the Somme

1 July 1916 - 3 July 1916

A combined effort by the French and British to push back the german front line which had covered a large part of France

Battle of Fromelles

19 July 1916 - 20 July 1916

Planned as a diversion form the battle of the Sommes and a land grab, it was a complete failure and one of the most shocking events in Australia's military history


April 1917

Tanks are first used to break through enemy lines as they are heavily armoured and are wide enough to move over trenches but are also slow and venerable if men were to get close and use explosives.


Other events or wars happing during the time between 1900 to 1945

Franz Ferdinand Assassination

28 June 1914

Franz Ferdinand, the hier to the Austria throne is killed by an explosive thrown into his car which is, by most, considered the beginning of the war

Italy Changes sides

22 may 1915

Italy changes side and declares war on Austria-Hungary

Aftermath of WW1

1918 - 1919

The economical effects of WW1 and the destruction of 3 empires (german, Austria-Hungary and The russian empire) had an incredible effect in the years after the war. triggering the great depression was the severe lack of working men due to the many dead men in the war itself.

Spanish Influenza

1919 - 1920

The spanish flu was a normal flu, but it had spread to pandemic levels during and after WW1 due to more resources being pushed to the war and after the war not having enough time or resources to deal with it properly.

The Great Depression

1929 - 1939

The Great Depression was caused by many factors and caused many things to occur. After WW1 many counties had loaned money to pay for the war, and now 10 years after many other countries were asking for the debt to be payed. A notable case was germanys debt, which was an agreement after the war for a substantial fine to be payed, combined with the already massive war debt german was finically destroyed.

Most Effected countries

Latin America
South Africa
Soviet Union
United Kingdom
United States