Roman Medieval and Christianity Timeline


Roman Empire

753 BCE - 476 CE

Medieval Ages

1000 - 1500


Jesus Born


Jesus is Crucified

33 CE

Jesus was arrested tried and sentenced to be executed on a cross.

Death of Paul

65 CE

Roman Empire became officially Christian

379 CE

The Roman empire where it used to be illegal to be christian becomes officially christian.

Pope Urban II Calls for First Crusade

1095 CE

Crusaders Capture Jerusalem


Crusaders are successful and take Jerusalem.

First printing press Bible Produced

1456 CE

First printing press bible produced in Germany written in Latin.


Rome Established

753 BCE

Rome was established by Romulus in 753 BCE

Roman Republic

509 BCE - 27 CE

The Roman Republic established in 509 BCE when the Roman Monarchy was overthrown. It ended in 27 CE as a result of the Civil War that followed the assasination of Julius Caesar.

Punic Wars

264 BCE - 146 BCE

There were three punic wars over the dominance of trade.

Julius Caesar is Killed

44 BCE

Roman Empire

27 BCE - 393 CE

Fall of Western Roman Empire

476 CE

First Crusade

1096 - 1099

Medieval Ages

Rome is Taken by Germanic Tribes

410 CE

Early Middle Ages

500 CE

High Middle Ages

1000 CE

Marco Polos trip to China

1271 - 1295

Leonardo Da Vinci paints Last Supper