Colonial Anger Gauge of Acts and Taxes


Navigational Acts


Passed by the English parliament to restrict American trade

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

Armed conflicts between England's colonies in North America and rival European colonies.

Albany Plan


Benjamin Franklin lead a committee to adopt a proposal dor a federal union;however, it was rejected by the colonists.

Proclamation Line


Forbided settlers from moving west in an attempt to avoid conflict with the indians.

Stamp Act


Forced all American colonists to pay a tax on all printed paper products

Declaration Act


Declared that Britain could make and pass laws for the colonies.

Townshend Act


"British legislation that were intended to raise revenue, tighten customs enforecment, and assert imperial authority in America."

Boston Massacre


A group of Boston Colonists harrassed a group of British soldiers, and the soldiers killed 5 of the colonists. The first to be killed was a man named Crispus Attucks.

Boston Tea Party


Sam Adams lead a revolt where colonists dressed as indians and dumped approxiamately 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor.

Tea Act


Caused the American Colonies ot be forced to buy tea from the British East Indian Company.

Intolerable Acts


Britain didn't allow goods to be shipped to the 13 American colonies until the tea that was thrown into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party was paid for.