Ancient India Timeline

Ancient India

Ancient India and 5 of the events.

Harappa Era

3300 BC - 1700 BC

Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are established

Vedic Era

1500 BC - 800 Bc

-Indo-Aryans invade India from the Northwest
-Caste system introduced
-Iron tools were used
-Written texts in Vedic, and Indo-European language
-Hindus invent 0

Buddha Era

560 BC - 483 BC

Buddha was a person called Siddartha Guatama. He was a storyteller and his stories always had morals. The religion Buddhism is invented. This religion is still active today.

Alexander the Great in India

327 BC

Alexander wanted to have India because he thought it was the last Asian country.

Emperor Ashoka (Maurya Dynasty)

272 BC - 231 BC

-Ruled nearly all of nowaday Pakistan and India
-Encouraged buddhism

Other Parts of the World

Other Events that happened at the same time.

First Written Language in Mesopotamia

3000 BC

Also-Pyramids of Giza were built. (2600 BC - 2480 BC)

Mayan temple

2000 BC - 1050 BC

The temple was called Chichén Itzá Also: -Mycenean civilization starts (1500 BC)
-Rome was founded (753)

Chinese Zhou Dynasty

1027 BC - 221 BC

Metal coins and chopsticks were in use

Confucius in China

551 BC - 479 BC

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who taught ethics in China.

Also: -Roman republic was founded


218 BC

Hannibal crosses the Alps with his soldiers and a couple of war elephants. He successfully invades the Roman Empire.

Modern India

Nowaday India has changed a lot.

Vasco de Gáma

1497 AD

The first voyage from Europe to India and back

Great Britain conquers India

1849 AD

-Great Britain travells to India and fights with the people. In the year 1849 Britain finally conquers India. It is now British India

Queen Victoria also Empress


-England‘s Queen Victoria is also crowned as Empress of India

Particion of India

1947 AD

-India becomes an independent state
-Pakistan and India separate
-Jawaharlal Nehru became India's first prime minister in 1947. -Mahatma Gandhi led the independence movement.

Mahatma Gandhi is killed.


Mahatma Gandhi is killed.