Feudal System Under William the Conqueror


Roman emperor Romulus Augustus is dethroned by barbarians. Rome collapses.


15 year old warrior Clovis became king of the Franks


He led them for thirty years. He also led the Franks into Christianity. Elsewhere in Europe, monks formed religious communities known as monasteries

Charlemagne crowns his son, Louis the Pious as co-emperor


Mayor of the palace, Charles Martel, defeated Muslim invaders from Spain.


Martels son, Pepin, asked the head of the church to recognize him as king.


He was the first king to rule with the blessings of the church

Charlemagne's rule begins.


Carloman, Charlemagne's brother dies


On Christmas Day, pope Leo the third crowned Charlemagne emperor.


As emperor, Charlemagne dedicates himself to bringing learning to his empire.

800 - 814

Charlemagne, Pepins son, went to Italy to help put down a rebellion there.


Magyars, Muslims, and Vikings attack Charlemagne's empire.

805 - 890

As Charlemagne grew old, his empire began to unravel.

812 - 814

Louis the Pious becomes king. He lacks his fathers wisdom and strength.

814 - 840

At the age of 72, Charlemagne dies.


The Jews create a culture which they called "Ashkenazic".

820 - 840

Louis the pious, Charlemagne's son, died.


His sons Lothair Charles and Louis were fighting for control of the empire

Vikings attack England. It is saved by the Anglo-Saxon king, Alfred the great.

869 - 899

Religious writing, law anthologies, and poetry poured out of Jewish academies.

900 - 1100

King Edward died childless, and his relatives fight over the English throne.


King William the Conqueror (of France) takes control of England.


Using the feudalism system, he divides the land among followers.