Early Medieval Europe, Part 1

Henry Wineburgh, period C World History Dr. Yoss


Rome falls to the Visigoths and other Germanic tribes.

410 CE

Middle Ages

450 CE - 1450 CE

Early Middle Ages

450 CE - 1000 CE

Merovingian reign

457 CE - 752 CE

The first Frank dynasty of kings.

Clovis becomes the Frank king.

481 CE

Clovis converts to Christianity.

496 CE

He did this in order to unify the peoples in is kingdom with him- in other words, he was backed up by G-d.

Period of Viking Raids.

700 CE - 1050 CE

not exact dates.

Charles Martel becomes mayor of the palace.

714 CE

By this time, the Merovingians were in decline and the mayor of the palace was the most powerful position, not king.

Charles wins Battle of Tours.

732 CE

This battle forced Muslims from Spain out of European territory and ensured Christianity as the main European religion.

Merovingians fall as Frank kings.

752 CE

Martel's son Pepin the short becomes king.

752 CE

He strengthened ties to the Pope.

Pepin's son Charlemagne becomes Frank king.

768 CE

Carolingian Renesaince/ Charlemagne's reign

768 CE - 814 CE

This period was seen as the rebirth of the Roman empire.

Vikings start settling in their conquered lands.

800 CE

not exact date, it happenned sometime around the 800s.

Feudalism is strong in Western Europe.

800 CE - 1200 CE

These aren't exact dates but they are around the high- point of Feudalism in Western Europe.

Charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor by Pope Leo the Third

December 25, 800 CE

This was in return for Charlemagne's help in defending the Pope against attacking Roman nobles.

Charlemagne dies, his son, Louis the Pious, takes over.

814 CE

Treaty of Verdun

843 CE

Charlemagne's three grandsons divide the empire into three parts.

High Middle Ages

1000 CE - 1300 CE

By this time, Vikings started settling parts of North America.

1000 CE

Feudalism declines in Western Europe.

1050 CE - 1300 CE

not exact dates.
This mainly happenned because of the growth of towns.

William the Conquerer takes over England at Battle of Hastings.

1066 CE

in France, he was the duke of Normandy and a vassal of the king, in England he was king.

Song of Roland.

1100 CE

Gives account of France's defense of Christianity by Charlemagne's soldiers.

Late Middle Ages

1300 CE - 1450 CE