Key Events During World War 1


The Triple Alliance is Formed


Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy form the Triple Alliance

The Triple Entente is Formed


Britain, France, Russia form the Triple Entente

Franz Ferdinand Assassinated

23 June 1914

Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princep

Austrian-Hungarian Empire Declares war on Serbia

28 July 1914

Due to Franz Ferdinand's assassination, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire declared what was supposed to be a short war on Serbia

Britain Declares War on Germany

4 August 1914

French and British Armies Halt the Germans in Belgium and France

5 September 1914 - 10 September 1914

Trench Warfare Begins in Western Europe

15 September 1914

Landing at Gallipoli

25 April 1915

The Anzacs land at Gallipoli

USA Joins

6 April 1917

The USA enters the war

Russia Withdraws From War

7 November 1917

Revolution in Russia leads to Russian withdrawal from the war

Last German Offensive Launched

21 March 1918

The last offensive on the Western Front is launched

RAF Formed

1 April 1918

The Royal British Air Force is formed

Australian Forces Lead First Allied Attack

18 July 1918

Australian forces lead the first successful large Allied attack in France

Austrian-Hungarian Empire Surrenders

3 November 1918

Fighting Ends

11 November 1918

The Armistice is signed, ending fighting