World War 1


Triple Entente


Britain, France and Russia formed the triple entente

World War 1 begins

28 July 1914

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

War on Russia and France

1 August 1914 - 3 August 1914

Germany declares war on France and Russia and invades Belgium

War on Germany

4 August 1914

Britain declares war on Germany

The French and British halt the Germans

5 September 1914 - 10 September 1914

The French and British armies halt the German in Belgium and France

Trench Warfare Begins

15 September 1914

The trench warfare began in Western Europe


25 April 1915

The Anzacs landed in Gallipoli


December 1915

The Allies withdraw from Gallipoli

The AIF joins the fight against Germany

March 1916 - June 1916

The AIF joins the fight against Germany on the Western front. The Australian Light Horse remains in Egypt to fight Turkish forces

The British and French launch an offensive

1 July 1916

The British and French launch a big offensive in the Somme Valley on the Western Front.

First Referendum on Conscription

28 October 1916

The first referendum on conscription is held in Australia

USA Enters the War

6 April 1917

The United States of America entered the war

3rd Battle of Ypres

31 July 1917

The 3rd battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) is launched by the German in Belgium

Revolution in Russia

7 November 1917

Revolution in Russia leads to Russian withdrawal from the war.

Second Conscription Referendum is lost

20 December 1917

The second conscription referendum in lost in Australia

Last German Offensive is launched

21 March 1918

The last German offensive on the Western front is launched

Australia Leads an Allied Attack on Fraance

18 July 1918

Australian forces lead the first successful large Allied attack in France.

End of the War

11 November 1918

The Armistice was signed, ending the fighting