Johnny Cash Timeline


Birth of J.R. Cash

Feb. 26, 1932

He is born in Kingsland, Arkansas.

Death of Johnny's brother

May 1944

Johnny's brother is almost cut in half by a table saw and dies later from the injuries.

Enlisted into the army


This is when J.R. Cash becomes Johnny Cash. The army wouldn't allow a name of initials.

Addiction Origin


Johnny's drug and alcohol addictions and abuse begins.

First Marriage

August 1954

Johnny Cash meets Vivian Liberto and they later marry after he is honorably released from the army.

First recording


Johnny Cash records his first sinlge with Sun Records, "Hey Porter."

Birth of Rosanne Cash

May 24, 1955

The birth of Johnny's daughter, Rosanne.

"Walk the Line"


"Walk the Line" becomes No. 1 on country charts.

First Arrest


Johnny is arrested in El Paso, Texas for possesion of narcotics.

Divorcing Vivian


Vivian files for a divorce because of Johnny's drug abuse and multiple affairs, one being the close relations with June.

Second Arrest


Johnny is arrested in Starville, Mississippi for trespassing on private property. He had been picking flowers.

Benefit Concert


Johnny was arrested and then released after a long talk with a sherrif about his wasted potential. He credits this talk to "saving his life," and then does a benefit concert that raises $75,000 for a local high school.

Grammy Award


June and Johnny accept their Grammy for Best Country and Western Performance, Duet, Trio or Group for their song "Jackson."


Oct. 1967

Johnny attempts suicide by crawling into Nickajack Cave in Tennessee. He was heavily influenced by drugs. He then had a spiritual revelation, and felt like God saved him.

Second Marriage

March 1, 1968

After proposing on stage, Johnny and June get married.

Birth of John Carter

March 3, 1970

Johnny's only son is born.

Publiushes Autobiography


"Man in Black" sells 1.3million copies.

Country Music Hall Nominee


Johnny is inducted as the youngest living person inducted into the CMH with "Cry, Cry, Cry."

Ostritch Attack


After he was attacked, he became addicted to pain killers.

Publishes Novel


The novel "Man in White."

Publishes Second Autobiography


"Cash: The Autobiography" is published.

Grammy Award

Feb. 2003

Johnny recieves a Grammy for Best Country Male Vocal Performance for the song "Give My Love to Rose." The video for "Hurt" wins a Grammy for Best Short Form Video.

June's Death

May 15, 2003

June dies after complications from her heart surgery.

Death of Johnny Cash

Sept. 12, 2003

Johnny Cash dies from diabetes complications in Tennessee.