Taxation and Mercantilism

Mercantilism is an economic strategy to help improve the economy of their own state. Such as importing less and exporting more. By: Auston A. A2


Albany plan for the Union

1754 - 01/02/1754

An idea to place the colonies under a more centralized government.

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French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

A war over the colonies in America which left britain in a huge dept afterwards.

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Proclamation of 1763

1763 - 01/02/1763

Declared the boundaries of settlement for the colonies.

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Stamp act

1765 - 01/02/1765

this was a tax created to tax the american colonies on all legal and commercial documents.

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Quartering Act

1765 - 01/02/1765

this act outlined the way that british soldiers were to be housed in the colonies.

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Declaratory Act

1766 - 01/02/1766

This was an act that stated that british parliament had full authority over the colonies.

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Townshend Acts

1767 - 01/02/1767

acts meant to collect revenue from the colonies by putting custom duties on imports.

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Boston Massacre

March 5 1770 - March 6 1770

A riot outside of the old state house was shot by a group of british soldiers.

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Tea Act

May 10 1773 - may 11 1773

Act that restricted american colonies from getting their tea from anywhere other than the East Indian Company.

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Boston Tea Party

december 16 1773 - april 19 1775

A raid by patriots due to the monopoly of tea companies in which they threw tea crates into the river.

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Intolerable Acts

March 24 1774 - march 25 1774

several acts including, boston port act, Massachusetts gov't act, administration of justice act, quartering act and the quebec act.


1st Continental Congress

September 5 1774 - september 6 1774

A meeting of the 13 colonies in response to the intolerable acts.

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Battle of Lexington and Concord

april 19 1775 - april 20 1775

The first battle in the American revolutionary war.

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Olive Branch Petition

july 5 1775 - july 6 1775

a petition given to try and resist a full-blown war betwenn the colonies and britain.

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Thomas Paine writes "Common Sense"

January 10 1776 - January 11 1776

a pamplet written during the time of the american revolution which encouraged americans for freedom.

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2nd Continental Congress

May 10 1776 - may 11 1776

a meeting of the colonies (except Georgia) where they adopted ideas for independence such as the declaration of independence.

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Declaration of Independence

July 4 1776 - july 5 1776

A document declaring the colonies independen from britain on July 4th, 1776.

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Articles of Confederation

1777 - 1781

The original constitution of the United States.

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Treaty of Paris

1783 - 01/02/1783

A treaty between france and england which returned a place called Gascony to england.

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