The Top 10 Events of the Cold War

JB Berglund

Cold War Events

Berlin Blockade and Airlift

June 26, 1948

This was a turning point in post World War 2 Europe.

Korean War

June 1950

This is where things really got heated between the Soviets and the US.

Space Race

October 4, 1957

This is where the US and Soviets had an intense rivalry about space and who can get the farthest first. Soviets started with the lead with Sputnik 1, however when the kept competing it actually brought them together and made the International Space Station.

U-2 Reconnaissance Plane

May 1, 1960

This is where the US's CIA had a plane trying to spy on the Soviets and the Soviets shot it down and this lead to an embarrassing conference between US and Soviets. (Embarrassing for the US)

Bay of Pigs

April 17, 1961

This where the US tried to invade Cuba but failed miserably, this embarrassed the US.

Reagan visits the Wall

August 12, 1961

This when Reagan visited the Berlin Wall, this showed continued commitment to the people of West Berlin.

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1962

This was the the closest to the US and the Soviets actually fighting. This includes nuclear warfare also.

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

November 1969

This was one of the first steps to slow the arms race

Soviets invade Afghanistan

December 1979

The US and the Soviets each back a different side and this led to the US boycotting the 1980 Olympics.

Reunited Germany

November 9, 1989

This where East and west Germany reunited, East Germany was no longer Communist, and this was evidence that the War Saw Pact's days were numbered.