The Shift from Representative Government to Responsible Government



The Needed for Change


Many BNA people needed the change of the government because they couldn't vote it and the governments never thought good things about BNA, just the good things for the British. The people who could vote this election are some British people. This wasn't fair because the BNA can't tell their opinions and vote for it, also not all British people can vote so I think it was very un fair for people who couldn't vote and people who are being ignored by the government..

The impact of Josep Howe

1835 - 1836

Josep Howe published a news paper about the government. He made a trial of it. Many people said that he lied so he could been sent to jail, but his trial made him elected to the Assembly the next year.

The Rebellions in Lower and upper Canada

1837 - 1838

Rebellions in Lower Canada... This begin when the government started to arrest people because they thought they might strat the rebellion. They did the rebellion but they were defeated by the government.
Rebellions in Upper Canada..
The people in Upper Canada knew that the British soliders were busy with the Lower Canada so they decided to make their own rebellion. They made a militia and they could defeat the Rebels.

Lord Durham's report


Durham thought that British should give Responsible Government to Canada, British couldn't believed that. He thought that if he gave the Responsible Government to Canada the people who are in poverty will get less.

Responsible Government Achieved in Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia was the first part o get or make the responsible government. At 1847 the British Government told the Governor of Nova Scotia to bring the responsible government. Also in 1848 they held an election to chose a better party. The Reform party won. The Reform Party promised that they will say that how the government will going to use the money and other things, and people liked that idea.

Responsible Government in Province of Canada


For making the responsible government in province of Canada, it didn't go smoothly. The British government agreed with the Responsible Government in 1847, but they couldn't make it right away. The Reformers of Canada East and Canada West had a very different opinion so it was hard for them to make a responsible government. So in 1849, two people joined together to make a responsible government. (One from Canada East and One from Canada West)

Responsible Government in Prince Edward Island


In Prince Edward Island the Governor chose the Councils from the landowner that lives at P.E.I, but the landowners that lives at P.E.I was British so there were just few landowners that was Canadian. Also the landowners were British so they had some conflict about the religion or heritage. Nevertheless many people wanted laws change to force the landowners to let the farmers buy the land. It took long time to achieve the responsible government.

Responsible Government in New Brunswick


In New Brunswick the key issue was the who would control how the income from timberlands would be spend. Most part, the elite, and other people at there had a same opinion about this, so the Assembly could get the right to control how the money is spent. This was happening before they could get the Responsible Government. Some people wanted change so they got the Responsible Government.

Responsible Government in Newfoundland


In Newfoundland there was a big difference between the English Legislative and Executive Councils and the men who was elected for the Assembly. The leaders were always the member of the church of England but half of population were fishers who were in poverty. In an election, the people who voted are usually, Roman Catholics, Methodists, and people from non-church of England religious group.