Australian Prime Ministers


Robert Menzies

1939 - 1941

United Australia Party
Seen as the 'Golden Boy' of politics vut he failed as PM
Minortiy Coalition government; he lost support from his party and independents and was forced to step down

John Curtin

1941 - 1945

Australian Labor Party
Alcoholic, time in mental asylam
'Greatest PM in Australian History' by Peers
Established the relationship between Australia and America
Strongest opponent of conscription in WW1, yet as PM he introduced it during WW2
Died in 1945, 6 weeks before the end of WW2

Frank Ford

01/01/1945 - 01/08/1945

8 Day Service
Replacement of Curtin

Ben Chifley

01/11/1945 - 1949

Previous Occupation a locomotive train driver
Oversaw Australias recovery from WW2
Started Snowy Mountain Scheme - encouraged large scale immigration to Australia
Introduced the practise of the federal gov. collecting income tax
Tried to nationalise banks
Experience problems w/communist party

Robert Menzies

1949 - 1966

Longest Serving PM

Harold Holt

1966 - 1967

Becomes PM just after Australia commited its 1st troops to the vietnam war
1st PM to host an American president in Australia
Oversees a referendum, which sees Aboriginies counted as citizens for the 1st time
Died of drowning (swept out to sea)

John Gorton

1968 - 1971

Restarted Australian film industry by investing money
Continued to oversee the vietnam war
Voted himself out of office

Billy McMahon

1971 - 1972

Gough Whitlam

1972 - 1975

Probably most controversial PM
23 years of Liberal before this change
USed to be laywer (Knox Grammar student)
Makes huge changes

Malcolm Fraser

1975 - 1983

Appointed after whitlam dismissed
Brought refugees to Australia from vietnam war
Widely critizised for doing nothing

Bob Hawke

1983 - 1991

Trade union leader moved across into politics
Floats the Australian dollar
Deregulated the economy
Made significant changesin Aboriginal land rights, e.g. handing back Uluru to the local people
Gave Australia a higher profile vote in international affairs
Longest serving Labor PM in Australian History
3rd longest PM in all parties in Australia all up

Paul Keating

1991 - 1996

Hawkes treasurer
Aboriginal Reconciliation
Pushed Australia in a Republic

John Howard

1996 - 2007

2nd Longest serving PM in Australian history
Introduced Gun laws
Introduces the GST

Kevin Rudd

2007 - 2010

2008 GFC - Rudd + Tresurer managed GFC well
Takes over after labor for a while
Comes in on an agenda of reform
Big issue climate change
NBN establishment
Improved education and health
GFC side tracked him from his true intentions + plans
Lost ability to be decisive
Removed from office by his own party before election day

Julia Guillard

2010 - 2013

Carbon Tax
1st female PM
Led a minority coalition government