Dan's World War I Timeline

Eastern Front

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand


The Austrian Heir Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrillo Princip. A Bosnian member of the Black Hand.

Austria-Hungary asks Germany for help


Austria-Hungary sends a request to Germany asking for support in any war that might break out with Russia.

Austro-Hungarian demands are sent to Serbia


The demands were based around -
1. Anti Austrian sentiment must be suppressed in Serbia.
2. Suppress Serbian nationalism.
3. Austro-Hungarian representatives in the government and police.

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

07/28/1914 - 11/30/1914

Austria-Hungary invades Serbia on the 28 of July, Belgrade falls on the 30th of November.

Russia mobilizes


The Russian Empire mobilizes in retaliation to the invasion of Serbia.

Germany demands that Russia stops mobilizing


Germany and Austria-Hungary declare war on Russia

08/01/1914 - 12/23/1917

Because Russia failed to stop mobilizing, Germany and Austria-Hungary go to War.

The war in the Eastern Front begins.

The Ottoman Empire closes the Dardanelles to Russia and Britain.


The Battle of Gumbinnen


The first major German offensive on the Eastern Front.
The Germans were trying to push through the Russian defence with a surprise attack.

Russian Victory because the Germans were too hasty.

Battle of Krasnik

08/23/1914 - 08/25/1914

It was the first Austro-Hungarian victory against the Russians in the war.
Fought on the Galicia front in Poland.

Austro-Hungarian victory.

The Battle of Galicia

08/26/1914 - 09/11/1914

It was an Austro-Hungarian offensive into Russian Poland, in an attempt to win battles before they could entirely mobilize.
It failed because of the lack of morale in the Austrian Army.

Russian Victory.

The Great Retreat

08/17/1915 - 09/14/1915

The entire Russian army withdraws from Galicia and Poland.

Brusilov Offensive

06/04/1916 - 09/20/1916

This offensive is known to be the most lethal battle in world history.
It was between the Russian Empire, and a mix of German and Austro-Hungarian Armies.

It was a Russian victory, and it broke the Austrian Army for good, and it forced Germany to divert troops from Verdun to hold the Russian attacks.

The Battle of Kostiuchnowka

07/04/1916 - 07/06/1916

It was a the biggest battle that the Austro-Hungarian Polish Legion would fight in. They were sent in to halt the Russian Army so that the Austro-Hungarian Army could retreat.

It was a Russian victory.

The Battle of Kowel

07/24/1916 - 08/08/1916

This Battle was fought as an attempt to halt the Russian Offensive.
Fought by the Germans and Austro-Hungarians against the Russians in North-West Ukraine.

It succeeded.

February Revolution

03/08/1917 - 03/12/1917

It was the first of two Russian Revolutions during the war.
Afterward the Russian Republic was created.

Kerensky Offensive

07/01/1917 - 07/19/1917

This was the last Russian Offensive in the war.
It was a loss because it was just after the February Revolution and none of the Russian soldiers would fight.

Central Powers victory.

Battle of Marasesti

08/06/1917 - 09/08/1917

This was the last major battle between Romanian troops and German and Austro-Hungarian troops, before Romania was occupied by the central powers.

It was a Romanian victory.

The October Revolution

11/07/1917 - 11/08/1917

This was the second of the two revolutions when the Bolsheviks took control and overthrew the old Russian government to make way for the Soviet Union.

Soviet Russia in the War

12/23/1917 - 03/03/1918

The Russian Tsars are overthrown by the Bolsheviks.
The Soviet Union is Formed and is now fighting the Central Powers.

Operation Faustschlag

02/18/1918 - 03/03/1918

It was the last major action on the Eastern Front.
Fought by Germany and Austria-Hungary against Soviet Russia.
The Soviets put up hardly any resistance and this battle forced them to cede much of Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltics.

It was a Central Power victory.

Western Front

Germany declares war on France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

08/02/1914 - 11/11/1918

The Germans go according to the Schleiffen plan, and invade France through Belgium and Luxembourg.

The war on the Western Front begins.

The Battle of Mons


The battle between the B.E.F and the German 1st Army, at the Belgian town of Mons.

The Germans were victorious because they had more men, and because the French 5th Army had retreated leaving the British flank open which forced the British to retreat too.

The Battle of the Marne

09/05/1914 - 09/12/1914

The Battle of the river Marne was the first great defeat of Germany.
The Allies poured all of their troops and resources ing to this battle and that is why they won.
It is also called the Miracle of the Marne.

It was an Allied victory.

The Battle of Loos

09/25/1915 - 10/14/1915

The Battle of Loos was a British offensive against the Germans.
It was the first battle where British poison gas was used and it was the first battle with large scale mines used.

It was a Pyrrhic victory for the British

The Battle of Verdun

02/21/1916 - 12/18/1916

A German offensive against the French fortress town of Verdun.
It was supposed to break French fighting spirit, but instead it roused nationalism and patriotism in France.

French victory.

The Battle of the Somme

07/01/1916 - 11/18/1916

A British offensive on the Germans at the river Somme.
Carried out to draw the German troops away from Verdun, to relieve the French troops there.

Lead to a German retreat back to the Hindenburg line.

The Battle for Vimy Ridge

04/09/1917 - 04/12/1917

A Canadian offensive against the Germans occupying Vimy Ridge.
Goal was to command the high ground overlooking the rest of the battle at Arras.

Allied victory.

The Battle of Passchendaele

07/31/1917 - 11/06/1917

The Battle of Passchendaele was an Allied offensive against the Germans was fought to take the high ground overlooking the Ypres river and the towns on the other side.

It was an Allied victory.

The Battle of Cambrai

11/20/1917 - 12/07/1917

A British offensive at Cambrai to break the German lines with the new tanks.

Both sides had some success.