20th Century Wars (1900-1950) by Lewis


Anglo-Aro War

1901 - 1902

First English Submarine

2 november 1902

Germany's First U-Boat


Herero War

1904 - 1907

Russo-Japanese War

8 february 1904 - 5 september 1905

Russian Revolution

22 january 1905 - 16 june 1907

Italio-Turkish War

29 september 1911 - 18 october 1912

First Balkan War

8 october 1912 - 30 may 1913

Second Balkan War

29 june 1913 - 10 august 1913

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

june 28 1914

This was the kick-off point of the first world war. He was the heir to the Austro-hungarian throne and was assassinated in Sarjevo in bosnia.

World War One

july 28 1914 - november 11 1918

called the great war, because of its magnitude. It was kicked off by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

The Battle of Tannenberg

23 august 1914

A battle between the German and Russian troops. The battle actually took place closer to Allenstein, it was a decisive German victory.

The Battle of Marne

5 september 1914

This battle was an allied victory that stopped the German push for Paris.

First Battle of Ypres

19 october 1914

This was the first of five battles for the strategic town of Ypres in Belgium. this battle was also called the First Battle of Flanders.

Use of Mines

march 1915

Eight tunnelling companies were created in february 1915 and were operational in march 1915.

Second Battle of Ypres

22 april 1915

This was the first time that a former colonial country (Canada) had defeated a major power (Germany)

First Use of Poison Gas

22 april 1915

this was not the first use of chemical warfare, the french implemented tear gas in August 1914

The Battle of Gallipoli

25 april 1915 - 9 january 1916

ANZAC day is a remembrance of the Battle of Gallipoli

The Battle of Loos

25 september 1915

The Battle of Loos was a major british offensive on the western front. It marked the frist use of poison gas by the British armies.

Conscription Introduced in Britain

27 january 1916

Battle of Verdun

21 february 1916 - 18 december 1916

The german tactic of this battle was not to take ground but to demolish the french army and their spirit. Verdun was a fitting name given it means meat grinder.

The Battle of Somme

1 july 1916 - 18 november 1916

60,000 british soldiers died in the first day.

The Battle of Fromelles

19 july 1916

5000 Australians died in the first day.

USA Join the War

6 april 1917

The Battle of Messines

7 june 1917

A precursor to the third battle of Ypres.

Battle of Passchendaele

31 july 1917 - 6 november 1917

also known as 'The Third Battle of Ypres'

Battle of the Lys

9 april 1918

Also known as 'The Battle of Estaires' or 'The Fourth Battle of Ypres'

The Fifth Battle of Ypres

28 september 1918

Signing of the Treaty of Versailles

28 june 1919

The Treaty of Versailles was signed to force Germany to give back the land that they had taken over