20th Century War and Conflict (1900 - 1930) by Jesse V

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Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

June 28 1914

Franz Ferdinand was the Archduke of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. He was killed by Serbian assassins. His assassination was what set off WW1.


July 28 1914 - November 11 1918

WW1 was a massive global conflict that took place in Europe. It started at July 28, 1914, when Austria declared war on Serbia. Due to many alliances between countries, half of the world was dragged into this war. The guns fell silent on November 11, 1918. Over 15 million people died during this war and many more were severely injured.

German empire declares war on Russia

1 August 1914

Germany invades Belgium

3 August 1914

The German Empire invades Belgium to advance on the country of France.

Great Britain declares war on the German empire

3 August 1914

Germany declares war on France

3 August 1914

The Battle of Tannenburg

23 August 1914 - 30 August 1914

This was a battle between the Russian empire and the German empire. Germany was victorious.

Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary

22 May 1915

Italy changes sides.

The Battle of Verdun

21 February 1916 - 18 December 1916

This was one of the major battles of WW1. There were over 700,000 casualties, evenly split between the French and the German empire. It was the longest battle in WW1. It was declared a French victory.

Chemical Warfare introduced

22 April 1916

The Germans used chlorine as a weapon.

The Battle of the Somme

1 July 1916 - 18 November 1916

The Battle of the Somme killed around 60 thousand British soldiers in the first 24 hours of battle.

USA declares war on German empire

6 April 1917

The Battle of Arras

9 April 1917 - 16 May 1917

Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada attacked German forces in Arras, France. It was a tactical allied victory.

The first of the American forces land in France.

26 June 1917

German empire signs an armistice with Russia

15 December 1917

Ceasefire - End of World War One

11 November 1918

Germany agrees to a ceasefire resulting in victory for the Allied forces. Although really, there was no winner in this horrific war.

Treaty of Versailles

28 June 1919

The Treaty of Versailles was signed to officially end WW1 on this date.

Pre WW1

Anglo-Aro War

1901 - 1902

This war was between the British Empire and Eastern Nigeria.

Turkish-Italian War

1911 - 1912

The First Balkan War

October 8 1912 - May 30 1913

The Second Balkan War

June 29 1913 - July 31 1913

ANZAC Battles


25 April 1915 - 9 January 1916

Gallipoli is arguably the most famous battle that the ANZACs were involved in. The ANZACs fought against the Ottoman empire (Turkey) along side Great Britain and France. The Ottoman Empire won.

The Battle of Fromelles

19 July 1916 - 20 July 1916

The Battle of Fromelles was a truly devastating battle. It was a battle in France between over 30,000 British and Australian soldiers against 10,000 German troops. This battle was meant to be a diversion from the Battle of the Somme, to lure Germans to Fromelles. Around 5000 Australian soldiers died in this suicide mission. This battle was the worst battle of all time for Australia.