3 Punic Wars


1st event

246 B.C.E.

The Roman Republic breaks the alliance with Carthage and engages in war with Sicily. This causes the First Punic War.

2nd event

225 B.C.E.

Rome wins a naval fight against Carthage. This war is called the "Battle of Aegates". From this battle Rome obtains the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica.

3rd event

221 B.C.E.

Hannibal, the son of Hamilcar, becomes general of the Carthiginian army. He was raised to be a sworn enemy of the Roman Republic.

4th event

219 B.C.E.

Hannibal attacks Saguntum, an ally of Rome, and Saguntum falls. This marked the beginning of the 2nd Punic War.

5th event

218 B.C.E.

Hannibal, the intelligent general of the Carthiginian army, tries to surprise the Romans by marching from Spain and across the Alps to Italy. He marches with an army of 60,000 soldiers, 6,000 horses, and 37 elephants. He marches around Italy for 15 yrs. winning many battles. When he reaches Rome he realizes he cant get in because of the such high walls.

7th event

202 B.C.E.

The battle of Zama takes place. Hannibal makes a great loss here. Scipio, the Roman General, defeats Hannibal using a very effective strategy.

6th event

202 B.C.E.

Hannibal returns to Carthage to defend it but he is too late. He is defeated in the war that ened the 2nd Punic War. Carthage had to give Spain and a lot of money to Rome.

8th event

201 B.C.E.

The 2nd Puunic War is over with a peace treaty. The Carthaginians now have no power and Hannibal is he ruler of New and less powerful Carthage.

9th event

149 B.C.E. - 146 B.C.E

Some of the senators in Rome started to think that Carthage was gaining to much power. Rome completely destroys Carthage and the 55,000 people that survived were sold into slavery. This marked the end of Carthage and the Punic Wars.