Feudal System under King William

476-1066 A.D (The Middle Ages)


Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus Dethroned


Emperor Romulus Augustus is dethroned by barbarians. This is the fall of Rome.


476 - 1854

Clovis becomes king of the Franks


15 yr. old Clovis led the Franks in battle for 30 yrs. that expanded the boundaries of the Frankish kingdom into most of present day France and Germany. He also led the Franks into Christianity.

Victory against the Muslims


Martel's victory meant that northern Europe remained firmly Christian

Pepin, Martel's son becomes king


Pepin was the first king to rule with the blessings of the church. His son Charles or Charlemagne would also rule with the church's support

Charlemagne's reign

768 - 816

Charlemagne ruled for 48 yrs. fighting the Lombards, Saxons, and the Avars and Slavs. He made his defeated opponents accept the Roman church and swear loyalty to him as their new ruler.

Charlemagne crowned emperor

December 25, 800

As emperor, Charlemagne, dedicated himself to strengthening the church and bringing education to his empire.

Charlemagne's death


Died at the age of 72

Control of the Empire


Lothair, Charles, and Louis fought over control of the empire even before their father, Louis the Pious's death. For a while the empire was divided between them. Their empires came apart as landowners became more independent.

Unification of smaller Anglo-Saxon states


King Alfred the Great of England constructs a system of government and education which allows for the unification of smaller Anglo-Saxon states in the ninth and tenth centuries.

Alfred, Anglo-Saxon king, dies


King William the Conqueror takes control of England


Once in control he divides the land among his followers using the feudalism system.