Important Events in Ancient Greece


Sparta conquered Messenians

725 B.C - 650 B.C

Sparta conquered the Messenians and made them helots of the land.

Messenian Revolt

650 B.C

The helots began a revolt against Sparta. The helots outnumbered the Spartans however the Spartans defeated the helots.

First Persian War

500 B.C - 490 B.C

Darius lead the Persians to Anatolia and conquer some Greek city-states. The Greecians rebel, Athenians send reinforcement, and win the city states back. The Persians get angry at Athens and vow to seek revenge.


490 B.C.

Pheidippies ran 26.2 miles to Athens warning them that the Persians are going to come back stronger. The Athenians then prepare for the battle which lead to the final blow to Persia. This was a Grecian victory.


480 B.C

A narrow mountain pass where 7,000 Greeks (300 Spartans) held Persia off for 3 days. The Spartans then sacrificed themselves for the rest of Grecian to get reinforcements and get stronger. This was a Persian victory.

Second Persian War

480 B.C - 476 B.C

Xerxes wants to avenge Darius' death, who is also his father. Xerxes rebuilds and marches to Athens with his army.

Island of Salimis

478 B.C - 476 B.C

Athenians lead the Persians to this island where the Persians were unable to navigate though the waters. This then gave the Athenians time to fire and fight the Persians. This then lead to an Grecian (Athenian) victory.


470 B.C - 399 B.C

A philosopher that challenged authority and asked questions that his students would have to think through. He was put on trial for corrupting the youth which he was found guilty of. He died by drinking hemlock. His students, most famously Plato, would continue his teachings.

Delian League (Athenian Rule)

470 B.C - 430 B.C

470 B.C is when the Athenians took control of the Delian League. Soon after the Athenians used the power as the leader to control the city-states and the authority.

Pericles/ Athens Golden Age

461 B.C - 429 B.C

Pericles was a fighter from the Persian War and lead Athens to its Golden Age. He strengthened the democracy, built up Athens, and glorified it though the Delian League.

Peloponnesian War

430 B.C - 404 B.C

Sparta was angered at Athens for taking all of the glory for defeating the Persians. Athens taxes the city states, Sparta is angered, and begins the war.


427 B.C - 347 B.C

Plato was a student of Socrates which wrote down many of his teachings. Also suggested that the government was to be switched to a meritocracy. Plato created a school, The Academy, and taught Aristotle.


384 B.C - 322 B.C

Aristotle was a student of Plato. He applied logic to science. (If A equals B, and B equals C then, C equals A) Also built a school, The Lyceum, and taught Alexander the Great.

Macedonian Invasion

359 B.C - 338 B.C

King Philip of Macedonia conquered by an invasion of the Greek city-states. He did not destroy the towns but he changed their governments. He was killed by a former guard at his daughters wedding.

Alexander's Invasion

334 B.C - 323 B.C

Took over control when his father Philip II died. He expanded his father's dream of invading Persia. He took control of Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, and Persia. Alexander attempted to push across the continent but was stopped at Indus Valley. He was forced to turn around and contacted an illness and died.