Important Event in Ancient Greece


The Trojan War

1200 bc

The Trojan War was between the Mycenae and Troy. Troy was an independent city. the war lasted for 10 years. Troy won the war by sending a horse in to the town as a gift and attacked at night.

Dark Ages of Greece

1200 bc - 700 bc

This was the time period when we didn't know about what was going on. Nomads less advanced didn't read or write. they told stories orally.

1st Persian War Marathon

500 bc - 490 bc

Persia want to control the city-states in Anatolia. Darius III was the leader who start this war. Persia sent 25,000 men across the sea. The Athenians surprised them and won the war.

2nd Persian War

480 bc - 476 bc

Xerxes was the leader of the war. He want to get revenge because of his father death. The Spartans stop the Persians while the Athenians came up with a plane to to to the sea because Persia didn't really know how to fight near the sea.

Delian League

478 bc - 476 bc

Several Greek city-states formed an alliance. the alliance got it name from the island where the headquarters were at.

Naval Battle

478 bc - 476

The Athens positioned themselves into a naval battle. Persia was unable to navigate narrow water passages.Athens won the battle.

Golden Age of Athens

475 bc - 430 bc

Leader of the Delian League
Taxes on the city-states

Grew very wealthy
Build a mini Greek empire


470 bc - 399 bc

Socrates focused on individual action and challenge the authority. Socrates method was the teachers ask questions. he found guilty at his trial so he was put to death. His death was caused by a poison.


462 bc

The events were long distance, javelin, wresting, discus and others. They periods of peace. The Athletes had to train very hard. They were unpaid and winners received prizes..


384 bc - 322 bc

Aristotle was a bright young student at Plato's school. He opened a school in Athens called Lyceum. He also came up with syllogisms.

Macedonian Invasion

359 bc - 338 bc

Philip II invaded the city states. The city states gave in to Philip IIand the government was changed.

Conquest of Alexander the Great

334 bc - 323 bc

Alexander the great invaded Persia and Egypt after his father Philip death to grain more land. He died while on his way home from a fever.