Important Events in Ancient Greece


Dark Ages Of Greece

1200 BC

The Dorians invade and change the Mycenaean civilization. This is a dark period of Greece we don't know a lot about becasue there were no written records. Since the Dorians were so unadvanced the econamey goes down and they their loose art ability.

Messian Revolt

650 BC

Sparta defeats helots even though they are out numbered by them. This shows how strong the Spartans are but also creates a fear of uprising.

Solon (Athenian Democracy)

594 BC

Solon created the four political reforms and the four economic reforms. The political forms divided society in to four social classes outlawed debt slavery and other things that allowed for rights for citizens. Economic reforms such as fathers must teach their sons a trade, Manage grains, Regulations of crop export and forign tradesmade to settle and given citizenship these give the people something to follow which is inportant in a society.

Fist Persian War

500 BC - 490 BC

Darius the Great king of Persia attacks Greece (athens) he wanted control over the Greek city states. The Greek city states revolt and Athens sends the city states troops and goods to help them. This results in succes for some city states. Persia wants revenge on Athens for helping them succeed. So Persia sends 25,000 men across to fight Athens, Athens has time to prepare thanks too pheidippies. Athenians win and Daruis dies of embarressment.


500 BC

Created three political reforms. The three politcal reforms were the district organization, power of assembly, and the council of 500. This were big big things Cleisthenes made to improve the poltical system.

Second Persian War

480 BC - 476 BC

Xerecus son of Darius is now ruling, he wants revenge on Athens for what they did to his father. Xexecus leads HUGE army to Athens first they go through a mountain pass which they encounter some Athenians trying to hold them off before they get there but fail and the 300 spartans helping athens hold them off and die for the Athenians before persia acually gets to Athens. Athens position themsleves into naval position which was so smart because Persia is unable to navigate narrow water passages Athens wins again!!

Delian League Forms

478 BC

After the Persian war the Delain league is formed. The Delian league is almost like an alliance people promise to defend one another. Athens are the leaders of this creation. This is the golden age for Athens they grew wealthy because they taxed people and built a mini Greek empire.


470 BC - 399 BC

Socrates is a Greek philosopher. He focused on indivitual action. He also challanged authority and created the Socatic method which is when the teachers ask all the questions. He was also a solider of the Peloponnesian War. Lastly he was charged with corrupting the youth and was sent to death.


461 BC - 429 BC

Pericles is a honorable statesmen. He strenthened democracy. Pericles also hires more people so it opens more oppratunnities for the lower class to be paid. He strenthens the delian league by increasing tax to Athens.

Plague breaks out

430 BC

A plague breaks out and kills one third of the Athenian population.

Athens surrenders

404 BC

Sparta invades Athens, Athens surrenders and looses wealth and power but do NOT loose independence. Sparta creates a new league that is suppost to replace the Delian League but it does not succeed.

Trojan War


The Trojan war may or may of not happended we dont really know. The war lasted 10 years and was between Mycenae and Troy. Paris started the war by kidnapping Helen the prettiest girl known. Homer wrote the Trojan war.