Important events in Ancient Greece


Trojan War

1200 B.C. - 1190 B.C.

Mycenae versus Troy
Troy was located in Anatolia in 1200 B.C.
Trojan War started due to Paris' decision

Dark Ages of Greece

1150 B.C. - 750 B.C.

Invasion of the Dorians
Much less advance than the Minoans
They didn't know how to read and write
Due to lack of writing, productivity slowed down

First Persian War

500 B.C. - 490 B.C.

Persia under King Darius the Great versus Athen, Greece
The Persians defeat Anatolia and make their way to Marathon
Athens meets the Persians in Marathon and they battle
Athens defeat the Persians in the end

Pheidippides run

490 B.C.

Pheidippides ran 26.2 miles from Marathon to Athens
He ran this far to tell the Athenians that they won the war and to prepare for battle at home

Second Persian War

480 B.C. - 476 B.C.

Peria under Xerxes (Darius' Son) versus Athens, Greece
Took place in the city of Thermopylae
One battle of the 2nd Persian War
Xerxes did this to avenge his father's death
Sparta joined forces with Athens and sacrificed themselves to save Greece
That held Peria to get to Athens for three days

Naval Battle

476 B.C.

Athens positioned themselves near the island of Salimis waiting for the Persians
Persia was unable to navigate their way around the island and the narrow passage ways
Athens won

Golden Age of Athens

475 B.C. - 430 B.C.

Athens created the Delian League which says that if any city-state is under attack the other city- stated will come and help
There was confidence in the Greek culture
Athens was the leader of the Delian League, they grew very wealthy because they taxed the other cities, they almost built a mini- Greek Empire

Pericles ruling Athens

461 B.C. - 429 B.C.

He strengthened democracy
-increased the number of paid public officials
-strengthens the direct democracy
Empire Building
-rebuilds the navy
-taxes other city states through the Delian League
Glorification of Athens
-built sculptures and art
-pays for beauty and culture

The Parthenon

450 B.C.

This temple was built to honor Athena
23,000 square feet

Growth of Athens

447 B.C. - 431 B.C.

Artistic and literary supremacy
Strong Democratic government

Peloponnesian war

430 B.C. - 404 B.C.

Athens versus Sparta
Athens wants to defend its leadership
Sparta is angry at the Athenian power for taxing them
A plpague breaks out in Athens killing 1/3 of the population
After nine years the city states call a temporary truce to repopulate
Athens attacks the Island of Sicily thinking they would win the war, but they end up being crushed, Athens surrenders
Sparta wins

The Conquest of Alexander the Great

334 B.C. - 323 B.C.

Alexander conquered Persia and moved on to conquer other empires.
After the invasion of Persia, he went to Egypt. They welcomed him as a liberator
Alexander and the Egyptians created the city Alexandria