John Adams Timeline


French Ships Take Over American Ships

1797 - 1798

The French started seizing American ships in the West Indies

XYZ Affair

1797 - 1798

The three agents the prime minister of France sent to offer the American a deal.

Kentucky and Virginia Resolututions

1798 - 1799

Kentucky and Virginia claimed that each state has an equal right to judge for itself whether a law is constitutional

Alien and Sedition Acts

1798 - 1799

Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Alien Act allowing the president to expel any foriegner, and the Sedition Act allowewd no one to criticized the government

Federalist Party Splits

1798 - 1799

Adams and Hamilton, both Federalists, disagreed on war with France, which would strengthen the Federalists.

The Federalist Era Ends

1800 - 1804

The Federalist Party slowly declined, and won fewer seats in Congress

Jefferson Wins The Race

1800 - 1801

Thomas Jefferson became president of the United states

War With Cry With France

1800 - 1801

The Americans want for war with France started fading away

The Twelfth Amendment

1804 - 1805

The twelfth amendment required electors to vote for president and vice president seperately