Ancient Greece

Greeks move into southern Italy

750 b.c - 550 b.c

1.grow olives and grapes
2.greek alphabet

Etruscans take over roman

650 B.C

2.street,temples,public buildings around a central square
3.tomb painting/murals
4.serve as model for roman military

The roman republic is formed

509 b.c

The Romans puch out the ruling family,Tarquins,and set up republic-leaders are chosen by the public.

Romans unite with other latins

338 b.c

1.romans combine with their fellow latins to join forces to take over Italy.

Defeat etruscans

284 b.c

Push Greeks out of Italy

267 b.c

1.become the champs of Italy


plebeians went on strike

494 B.C

council of piebs

471 B.C

Allow to marry

455 B.C

Political reform

287 B.C

two pwers to blows

264 B.C

Rome cruched carthage

241 B.C

romans suffered a severe

216 B.C

macedonia came under roman

148 B.C

rome destroyed great rival in third punic

146 B.C

death of tiberius

133 B.C

three men were on top

60 B.C

senate ordered caesar to give up his army

49 B.C

italy and destroyed pompey army in greece

48 B.C

caesar had declared dictator of rome

44 B.C

caesar was assassinated

44 B.C


God tells Moses to free Israelites

1290 B.C.

Moses sess burning bush; God tells Moses to lead Israelites out of Eqypt

10,000 israelites destroy Caanites

1125 B.C.

Judge Deborah and Barak destroy King Jabin and his army to win the hilly region of Canaan.

David becomes king of Israel

1000 B.C - 970 B.C

Assyrians take over Israel

722 B.C. - 620 B.C.

Assyrians take out all the Israelite people, and scatter them throughout Iraq

Egytians defeat Assyrians; gain control of Irael

620 B.C. - 605 B.C

Chaldeans defeat Egytians; take control of Israel

605 B.C - 538 b.c

Under Chaldean rule, Jews are permitted to keep their king, as long as they pay a tax to the Chaldean Empire. Jews try to rebel against the Chaldeans and are severely punished by king Nebuchadnezzar.

Persians defeat Chaldeans take over Israel.

538 B.C. - 334 B.C

The king of Persia allows Jews to return to Israel. Some stay in Iraq, some return. They are not permitted a king but allowed to be by ruled by priests.

Macedonians defeat persians take control of Israel

334 b.c - 63 b.c

Rome push out Macedonia; rule Israel

63 B.C - 476

Hellenistic age is over in the Mediterranean. Roman rule begins.

Jews zealots rebel against Rome-Jews rule Israel

70 A.D

Romans punish he Jew. Destroy the temple Jerusalem all that remains of it today is the western wall.

Jews revolt and defeat Romans again

132 A.D - 135 A.D

Romans conquer Israel again

135 A.D

As punishment Romans do not allow Jews to return to Israel. Romans rename the land Palestine.