Hip Hop


Clive Campbell is born


The father is born
known as DJ KOOL HERC
born in kingston Jamaica

Afrika Bambaatan is born


American DJ from South Bronx New York
instrumental in early development of Hip Hop in 1980s
one of the three originators of break beat Deejaying

City Changes


Park Commissioner began building an expressway through the heart of the Bronx
The middle class Italians, German, Irish and jewish neighbourhoods disappeared over night in addition businesses and factories relocated
They were replaced by poor black and Hispanic families
accompanying these people were crime and drug addiction aswell as unemployment

Jamaican Dub Music


Dub was created by DJs during the 1960
Reggae records were manipulated and reshaped
usually removing the vocal line
emphasising the drum and bass part
Clive Campbell would copy this style using funk and solo records of the 1970s

Clive Campbell to Kool Herc


migrated to the Bronx from Jamaica at the age of 12

2nd City Change


The completion of apartments on the northern edge of the Bronx accelerated the middle class exodus
large vacancy rate made landlords sold properly to proffessional slum lords
as a consequence it deteriortated many vacant buildings

Savage Seven and the start of gang community


start of gang (savage seven)
as they grew they changed their name to the Black Spades
surge of street gang activity
would overwhelm the Bronx for the next six years

Rise of Graffiti


the cornerstone of inner city self expression
significant to Hip-Hop
used for gangs to mark territories and communicate

Decline of Gang Activity


Leader of Black spades leaves to start a peaceful zulu nation and became a DJ
Block parties more popular aswell as clubs
gang members more involved in Hip-Hop at oarties

DJ Herc pioneers "break beats"


using popular funk and soul records people enjoyed dancing to he would stretch the instrumental break of the song by using two copies of the same record on two turntables, mixing between the two records to extend the break

start of break dancing


breakdancing would derived from special dances to breaks in the records
created crews and challenging to dance battles

Invention of the "scratch"


DJ grand wizard Theodore accidentally invents the scratch techniques
essential DJ technique

Kool Herc forms first MC team


Hires Coke La Rock and Klark Kentto rhyme over his instrumental breaks
this was rap musics first emcee team
Kool Herc and the Herculoids is what they were called

808 Drum Machine


Roland created the 808 drum machine
most used drum machine in history

The Fatback band "king Tim 3"


first rap/hip hop single

Grand Master Flash and his furious Five


Grand master flash forms, greatest MC crew of all time

Samplers introduced