Hip Hop

A timeline to show the progression of Hip Hop


Clive Campbell Born


Clive Campbell is born in Kingston, Jamaica. He is often thought of as the father of Hip Hop.

Afrika Bambaataa Born


DJ from the south bronx, New York. One of the three originators of breakbeat dancing.

City Changes


Park comissioner, Robert Moses began building an expressway through the Bronx. The middleclass Italian, German, Irish and jewish families left over night. They were replaced by poor black and hispanic families. Accompanying drug addiction and crime.

Jamaican Dub Music


Created by Jamaican DJs during late 60s Reggae records were Manipulated and reshaped by removing vocals, and focusing on the drum and bass parts.

Clive Campbell To Cool Herc


Clive Campbell migrates to Bronx ans gains his stage name; Cool Herc, a variation of his nickname; hercules due to his size.

Savage Seven and Start of Gang activity.


In the Bronxdale section of the Bronx, a teenage gang called the Savage Seven began terrorising the local community. Later changed their name to the Black Spades.

2nd City Change


Completion of 15,382 apartment building next to expressway in the Bronx accelerated the middle class leaving and gave rise to derelict land, AKA Ghetto.

Rise of Graffiti


Tremendous significance in the hip hop culture, it was a cornerstone of inner city expression. Often used to mark territory and for communication.

DJ Herc pioneers Break Beats.


DJs his first block party (his little sisters birthday) in the Bronx NY.
Using popular dance records people liked. Using two copies of the same record and mixing them together, thus stretching the break.

Decline of gang activity.


Afrika Bambaataa, head of the black spades leaves to form the peaceful Zulu Nation. He became a DJ.
Block parties and clubs were becoming more popular.

Start of Break Dancing


Third of the four elements of hip hop. Break Dancing aka B-boying, originated in south Bronx.

Kool Herc forms first MC team


Hires Coke la Rock and Klark Kent to rhyme over his instrumental breaks. Later known as Kool Herc and the Herculoids.

Invention of the scratch.


DJ Grand Wizard Theodore accidentally invents the scratch technique, created by spinning the record forwards and backwards.

808 Drum Machine


Roland creates the 808 drum machine, the most used drum machine in history.

Grandmaster Flash and his Furious Five


One of the most popular MC groups.

Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight


The Fat Back Band - King Tim 3


Samplers introduced