Bushnells Submarine


Davin Bushnell was born17

August 30 1740 - August 31 1740

{a}David Bushnell, born in West Saybrook, Conneticut. DAvid Bushnell was born to his parents, Sarah Ingham and Nehemia Bushnell. He worked on the family farm until the age 31.

Bushnell entered Yale University

1771 - 1772

{b}After Bushnells father died he used the money he inherited and moved to New Haven to attend Yale and recieve a higher education. During his college years he became very interested in inventing.

Bushnell gets ideas for sub

1774 - 1775

While in YAle Bushnell was often found in the library reading various inventors magezines and books. One day he picked up an issue on Gentlemens magezine, and read about different attempts to create an underwater submarine. This began his journey to create a sub.

Bushnell graduates

1775 - 1776

After finishing his education at Yale, he graduates at the top of his class in the summer of 1775. This was around the time that war broke out. War was only more insiration to design and produce a working submarine.


April 19 1775 - April 20 1775

Bushnell was still atending Yale when the Revolutionary War began. By now Bushnell was well on his way to finishing the first working submarine.

Submarine in action

September 6 1776 - September 7 1776

Bushnell watches from the shore of New York City, as his submarine goes into action. His submarine was opperated by Seargent Ezra Lee, in the Continental Army. The mission to plant explsives on ships did not work; however, the submarine itself was still an accomplishment.

Maybe this time

1777 - 1778

After reworking his design he was ready to try again. His new plan was to have a mine, that blew up on contact. In December the sub was sent to Philadelphia. When it arrived the fleet had already left. Although, he could not destroy any ships, he was able to give the enemy a good scare causing panic.


August 1779 - 1781

Bushnell gets a promotion! David Bushnell, is now the captain-lieutenant in the Corps of Sappers and Miners. Many people would recognize this today as the corps of enigneers in the continental army.

Wait inventor to captain!?!?!?

1781 - 1783

Once again David Bushnell is promoted, this time to captain. Bushnell was part of the allied siege in Yorktown, Virginia. This all happened in the fall of 1781.


1783 - 1784

There was finally peace in late 1783. This means there was no longer a need for Bushnell. David Bushnell was then honerably dicharged, and he left for home back in Staybrook.

This now ends Bushnells happy story....... NOOOO

1787 - 1788

Bushnell is now iving a happy life back in Staybrook. No, his story does not end there. David Bushnell abruptly left for France. He claimed to be leaving in order to continue water inventions and experiments. Some say he died in the French Revolution, others say he made a fortune, returned to Staybrook, then loose all his money. Whatever the reason, he waas never seen again.

David Bush

1790 - 1818

David Bushnell is now long gone. Or is he really? A man who goes by the name of david Bush turns up as a school teacher in Georgia. Then a practicing phsytian.

David Bush-dead

January 1826 - February 1826

David Bush dies. Then is his will he revealed himself as David Bushnell, the real inventor of the submarine. In his bags some odd macine parts were found, that were later identified as the beginings of a torpedo.