US Enters WWII Project


Neutrality Acts


To keep the United States out of future war the first two acts outlawed arms sales and loans to any nations that were at war.

Cash and Carry

September 8 1939

Countries could buy weapons from the U.S. if they had cash and would carry the goods in their own ships.

Lend-Lease Plan


U.S. lends weapons and money to countries that defense was vital to to the United States.

Military Draft

August 1940

Congress passed a draft extension bill. It only passed by a razor thin margin of 203 to 202 in The House of Representatives.

Selling Destroyers to Great Britain

September 1940

America traded 50 old destroyers to Britain because of the Battle of Britain (Germany's attack on Great Britain).

Atlantic Charter

August 1941

Winston Churchill settled for a declaration of principles called The Atlantic Charter. It defined the Allies goals for the post-war world.

Sinking of the U.S Ships

September 4 1941

A German U-boat fired two torpedoes at U.S. ships.

Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941

The Japanese attacked America. Congress approved a declaration of war against Japan, which was asked for from President Roosevelt. On December 11, 1941, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. The greatest cause of interventionism was because of the damage done at Pearl Harbor.

U.S. War Declaration on Japan

December 8 1941

Only one day after Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Japan.

Declaration of War on the U.S.

December 10 1941

Three days after Pearl Harbor, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.


Rome-Berlin Axis


Established a formal alliance between Germany and Italy. The League did nothing to stop Hitler.

Non-Aggression Pact

August 23 1939

An agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union in which they agreed no to fight each other.

Fall of France

June 17 1940

France was outgunned and outnumbered by Germany and Italy. Their capital was taken and then they had a change in government.

The Battle of Britain

July 10 1940

Germany bombed and attacked Britain in hopes of their surrender. Britain never fell to Germany's power and the battle ended almost four weeks later.

Tripartite Pact

September 1940

A mutual defense treaty signed by Japan, Germany, and Italy which led to them becoming the Axis power. They wanted to keep the U.S. out of war to avoid a two-ocean war.

German Invasion of the Soviet Union

June 22 1941

Hitler ignored his peace treaty with Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union with five million troops.

Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941

Japan attacked America's Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Their reasoning behind the attack was because most of their resources were coming from America but America didn't approve of Japan's aggression against China, which lead to an embargo on Japan. With that, Japan was running out of resources and America was their biggest dealer with resources.