Predominant Educational Movements and Theorists



1800 - Present

This was predominant in the 19th century and the 20th century.

Ivan Pavlov :1849-1936 He is famous for condition reflex. He conditioned dogs to salivate.

B.F. Skinner: 1904-1990 He invented the Operant conditioning chamber also known as the Skinner Box.


1859 - Present

There are still constructivits today. Some of the major ones were Piaget and Vygotsky.

Lev Vagotsky: 1896-1934 He stressed a fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognition. He also named the Most Knowledgeable Other (MKO)

John Dewey edit : 1859-1952 He is an American Philosopher who is best known for his works in education.

Jean Piaget

1896 - 1980

Jean Piaget was a Constructivist who was known as the stupendous swiss.

Theory of Cognitive Development: that there were different stages a child would go through.

Theory of Equilibrium: a child will use schemas to help understand new situations.

Erik Erickson

1902 - 1994

He had two major accomplishments.

The Stages of Psychological Development: which list eight different stages of a persons life and what they learn in each stage.

Identity Crisis: This is one that many people struggle with, especially as stated by Erikson, in the teen years of someones life because they are struggling with their feelings and emotions.

Benjamin Bloom

1913 - 1999

Benjamin Bloom was famous for Creating Blooms Taxonomy which is used in every day teaching now. There is a new version of it but it is still used today. He also helped with the idea of Master Teaching.

Howard Gardner

1943 - Present

He gave us the idea that learners can measure their knowledge in the form of an IQ.

He was famous for Project Zero which provided him a place to do research on the learning process.

Another theory of his is the multiple intelligence which states that there are many types of intelligence that people can have.


1960 - Present

They believe that the human mind is a computer. There is now a grey area that ideas can fall into.

Cognitive Load Theory of Multimedia Learning: pulling information out of your long term memory when you hear a song or musical instrument.

Piaget's Cognitive theory: studied his three children and the way they viewed and learned from the world.