Major Terrorism Events


French Revolution

1793 - 1794

-The Great Terror - Government power was used to kill those against the leaders. Many people believe the state violence should be categorised as terrorism from above

Joseph Stalin

1939 - 1945

Stalin used his power to eliminate anyone against the government -this is another example of terrorism by the state

Munich Olympics


Black September seized Israeli athletes and demanded Palestinian prisoners be released. People were shocked at the terrorists' choice of kidnapping athletes - terrorists realised how to grab the world's attention by choosing the right targets.

Iran Kidnapping

1979 - 1980

Iran wanted to get rid of US influence in the Middle East. Militant group of Iranian students kidnapped 52 US citizens. It was not state sponsored but the Iranian government allowed it to stretch on. World began to see the benefit of state-sponsored terrorism

First World Trade Center Attack


A car bomb was set off in the parking garages of one of the World Trade towers, in an attempt to make on tower collapse onto the other. This attempt failed. It was led by an Islamist terrorist group who were angered by the US' support for Israel.

Aum Shinrikyo


Five members of Aum Shinrikyo let out poisonous gas different trains. 12 people died and 5,000 were injured. This was the first use of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists



Hijacked planes flew into the two World Trade Center Towers, killing around 3,000. The attack was led by Al-Qaeda, and this event was a gamechanger. Fear for international terrorism increased, and the US' foreign policy was changed

Madrid Bombing


A group of individuals detonated 10 explosives at rush hour in Madrid. They were retaliating against Spain's involvement in the 2003 Iraq war. 192 were killed and almost 2,000 wounded. The Spanish population were shocked, and voted for a new president who promised to get Spanish Troops out of Iraq

Beslan, Russia


Chechen separatists held 1200 people hostage, 350 were killed and many wounded.
The Russian government reintroduced the death penalty, and security measures were heightened. Regional governors were appointed rather than elected.

Suicide Bombing.


A Somali-American killed around 20 civilians with a suicide bomb attack in a truck. He was the first US suicide bomber. The US feared that suicide bombs were know more likely to happen in the US.

Mumbai, India


Gunmen targeted different areas in Mumbai, around 160 were killed. Attacks were carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Pakistani Islamic group created to fight against India's control over the territory Kashmir. The attacks have aggravated the relationship between these two countries.

Oslo Bombing/Shooting


A car bomb went off in Oslo, and later a man dressed as a police man went on the island Utøya where a summer camp was taking place, killing many. It's known as the deadliest attack by a lone gunman.