Arya timeline


Silk Road

1200 - 1360

During this time the Silk Road was reviltalied in part by the Mongal Expansion. Arya made use of the trade routes provided to help expand his contacts and influence. He was a very tiny part of this, at most having 3-4 caravans running.

Arya's Memory: The Silk Road, almost a thing of the past, was completed revitalized by the work of Arya. He took it over to be able to assist the spread of his business efforts.

Embrace Date

october 15, 1279

Arya is embraced to become a warrior in the fight against the 'daemons' that plague the mortals of India. He was embraced by one of the female kindred in a group traveling from one battle to another.

Arya's memory: Durga birthed him and given him to a small village as a sign of her blessing. After seeing that his skills were needed in the battle verse the daemons, she came again an embraced him, giving the heavenly side of him the chance to come forth.

Night Market is created

may 15, 1295

The Night Market started in the late 1200s. During the next 800 years, the Market grows from a small trade route to a global spanning group. In modern day, they specialize in the marketing of goods for the supernatural world. The Night Market acts as a middle man most of the time but will on occasion hold special Market nights that are never in the same place twice and provide an enforced netural ground for all to come and deal

Arya gives Henrik a boon


Henrik (NPC) provides several of Arya's kinsmen shelter from a blood hunter called by an overzealous Prince and in exchange Arya offers Henrik a boon.

King Louis X of France decrees the freedom of slaves in France

1315 - 1317

Arya hears about this decree and gets a brilliant idea. There are several families of his descendants who he knows knows have been sold into serfdom, in particular a group of jews who immigrated to germanic principalities from Eastern Europe. Arya spends the next year or so tracking them down and oversees their trek to France, thus freeing an entire branch of his lineage from what is, essentially, slavery.

Joined Invictus


The black death reaches France, Denmark, Norway and Britain.

1348 - 1350

Arya withdraws more from mortal interaction as a result, trying to insulate himself from those kine who are being ravaged by the disease. In exchange he becomes more and more invested in the First Estate, and this leads to him joining the Guild of Judexes in 1350.

Joined Judex Guild

1350 - 1450

Embraced Erik Winters (Michael Hamilton)


Scene in Background document

Embraced Ragnar (Andrew Wallens)


Scene in background document

Joined Au Pair Guild Training

1400 - 1425

Revisited home village

1420 - 1422

Arya revisits his home village. During this time, he does what he can to help boost the locals to a better overall standard of life.

Joined Thorned Wreath

1425 - 1605

Sacking of Constantinople

1453 - 1457

Constantinople has been declining economically, in population and military strength. Using European artillery and experts, the Ottoman Turks break through Constantinople's walls. Disciplined Muslim forces capture the city. This ends Constantinople as the center of Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the heart of the remains of the Roman Empire.

Arya is present for the sacking of Constantinople. For the first time, he witnesses the horrific power of modern artillery and truly understands now, from personal experience, that the time when a single Kindred could remain forever safe from kine by maintaining the masquerade is gone. Several Elders in the city die when daytime volleys of heavy shot rip through the walls of their havens. It is at this time that Arya takes to sleeping in a tomb, to further insulate himself from the possiblity of inadvertent exposure to the sun.

Embrace of Johan (NPC)


Joined Notary Guild

1500 - 8-20-1605

Revisits home village

1570 - 1571

Arya revisits his home village. During this time, he does what he can to help boost the locals to a better overall standard of life.

Embrace of Sarah (Beth Strickling)

1600 - 1601

Truth: Sarah is abducted by Arya for embrace after he observes her for a time, having ghouled her first.

Sara’s Memory: She fights her way free from a band of demons, her bodyguards are all dead. She flees to try and make it back to her Husband’s home in the city and is fallen upon by a ravenous beast. Arya rescues her from death as she is bleeding out on the ground, and embraces her.

Arya’s memory: Sara is his mortal daughter, born in the late 13th century, who he embraces only a couple of decades after his embrace.

Destroyed Johan (NPC) and his whole branch (NPCs)


Truth: Sara’s accounting is short because Arya is put into Torpor by her and Erik after he slides too close to falling to the beast. During the last few years, Arya (at BP10) took it upon himself to destory one of his childer and that whole branch due to sins committed by Johan. During the course of this, Arya drops to a frightening Humanity of 1.

Sara’s Memory: Erik, her broodmate, brutally forces Arya into Torpor, Sara keeps him from killing their sire, calming Erik when he goes for the final kill. (Beth Strickling)

Erik’s memory: Sara and Erik work together using her female charms and his speed to drive a stake into his heart. Arya hardly had a chance to realize what was going on. (Michael Hamilton)

Arya’s memory: Arya recalls a great battle with a large group of demons. During the course of the battle, he was struck down defending a group of Acolytes from the demons.... that they summoned by mistake.


1620 - 1628

Arya was in torpor during this time.


1773 - 1777

Arya was in torpor during this crucible

Reawaken and reintroduction by Laia (PC)

4-20-1800 - 8-25-1805

Arya wakes up far from where Sarah and Erik put him into torper. The first of the family he meets is Laia who helps stabilize his Humanity and helps reintroducing him into current society. During this time, he is taught English by Laia while teaching her more about the Night Market. He spends time re-establishing his connections.

Embraced Calab (Travis Page)


Took Elizabetta (PC) as his ghoul

1810 - 1850

During this time, he had Elizabetta that he made use of until using her to resolve a debt

Reintroduction to the Invictus


Erik, Sara, and Hotaru meet with Arya in Lisbon while he is traveling and reaquianting himself with others of the family and market. They convince him to not become part of the Carthian Movement he has been looking at but that he once was a very well respected member of the Invictus. Because of this, he decides to rejoin the Invictus.

Erik's Memory: Erik remembers Hotaru doing most of the talking, Erik and Sara stood by and supported her words. (Michael Hamilton)

Hotaru's memory: She and Eric were actually nice (enough) and logical about it, Sara just kept saying "I swear to god if you don't come back..." and glaring. (Leah Cohlean)

Sarah's memory: She does not remember this at all. (Beth Strickling)

Relearned the social skills needed for Court life with Lief (Mikey McGough)

1824 - 1848

Visit to Roger Pool (Jeff WIlson) as a Mortal


During a visit in the evening to his uncle, Sir James Weir Hogg, Roger over hears a conversation between Sir Hogg and another individual. This person was Arya, making arrangements for the funding for Roger's education.

Roger Pool's (Jeff Wilson) Embrace and Rekoning

8-23-1857 - 6-17-1927

Roger is embraced and travels with Arya, learning more about the night life and what little he knew of the other covenants. He then spent time teaching Roger more of the Invictus, both finding that it seemed to fit Roger best of all.


1861 - 1865

During this difficult time, Arya worked hard to maintain the connections that the Night Market had built both before and after his time in torpor. It was during this time that the Night Market became known beyond the random dark alley and smokey den.

Many an attempt on his unlive was made, more of them stopped by him learning of it before hand and taking steps to foil the plans.

Saddly, not all of the attempts were able to be stopped thus. Several times, Arya had to kill again. Each time seemed difficult to him. More difficult than he remembered it being in the past.

Forming of the Aesir


Truth: 1911 – Los Angeles, CA Sara, Erik, Arya, Anne, Hotaru and Rowan form the Aesir, a cotiery that is formed to help insure the Traditions are upheld and supported when they are able to help with such.

Sara’s Memory: very vague recollection. She pitched an idea to everyone, hoping to get more support for the Valkyries, somehow she ended up founding some sort of kindred law enforcing coterie. She’s clapped on the back a lot. Gets in a fight with Erik (par for the course) and stabs him. Arya breaks up the fight, and things move on. (Beth Strickling)

Erik’s Memory: They all get together at the request of Erik, there is a large feast and drinking. They enjoy each others company. Erik calmly proposes a plan to form a coterie among them to enforce Kindred Laws and Traditions. They are some of the oldest kindred and it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their continued existence. Everyone calmly sits and discusses the finer points before agreeing to establish the Aesir. (Michael Hamilton)

Rowan’s Memory: Erik proposes the formation Aesir, quoting the Valkyrie as the source of his inspiration. Sara gets jealous and corners Rowan in private, accusing her of bedding Erik. Rowan denies it, siting how he only has eyes for Sara, as all should. In a moment of realization, Rowan kisses Sara. They are both shocked by the situation, but Sara is flattered and lets Rowan down gently. They vow to never speak of it further. (PC)


1912 - 1917

During this time, while not involved in major kinded politics beyond the Regional House of Lords, Arya provided what support he could to the formation and continuation of non-violent resalutions to kindred conflict.

Sadly, during this time, he had to assist in removing the threat of several kindred that could not abid to the new structures that had been put into place. Arya, unknown to many, hunted down several of these 'firebrands' and gave to the sun those that would not change their ways.

Investments with Nigel Rothschild (PC)

1925 - Present

Arya is approached by Nigel Rothschild and makes an arrangement. During the next few decades, Arya provides investments of funding, equipment, and personal for endevors undertaken by Nigel Rothschild.


8-12-1930 - 4-17-1945

Spends time roaming Europe during the war. Has talks on many different subjects with Cyrus. (Jordan Lyndell-Lees)

Traveled with Santiago,(NPC from SW Regional History) from the Toreador bloodline, to help protect and save what Invictus members and interests survive the wars.

Smuggled kindred out of Europe

1931 - 1945

During his time in Europe, Arya made heavy use of his connections with the Night Market to funnel many kindred, mortals, and items out of the war torn countries.

Revisits Village of birth

1945 - 1950

During this time, he takes advantage of his time in Europe to visit the village of his birth. He spends time just trying to rebuild the local econimy. Once he feels it is revitalized, he leaves and returns to the States.

Co-Founded the Most Honorable Order of the Silver Crane

1950 - Present

With Erik (Michael Hamilton) and Cyrus (Jordan Lyndell-Lees), the three kindred founded the Most Honorable Order of the Silver Crane.


1960 - 1965

During this time, Arya came out openly as the Head and Founder of the Night Market. Two other kindred with little to no ties with the Night Market also came out at this time but were quickly hunted down by Arya and disposed. While he will not admit to killing them, he did fund several new Statuary companies...


6-18-1969 - 7-21-1974

Traveled to Woodstock to meet with others of the Graceful Family. Spent a few years traveling with them, getting a better feel for the Catherian Movement as seen through the eyes of Ellis. (PC) As this was just after a time in torpor, he used the opportunity to realize that not all Carthians are complete tools.


1988 - 1992

During this time, Arya focused on reestablishing his family connections, both mortal and immortal. He pushed his retainer, the Archive, further than before. Because of this, the Archive was able to make ties with the LDS church and their geneology section as well as several other geneology groups



1285 - 1293

During the first bit of Arya's eternal night, he was quickly put down during the battles he had been embraced to help with. The Night Market was a direct outcome of this time in the Little Death. This made him realize that he could easily be removed completely from this existence and wanted to make sure something would be left behind that was 'good'.


1460 - 1474

During his duties with the Thorned Wreath, Arya was put into a violent torpor. Looking back, he believes this was the start of him stepping away from the duties of the Thorned Wreath and combat overall when he was in a position to be able to avoid it. Because of the time involved, he is a bit hesitate to call upon their services unless truly needed.


8-20-1605 - 4-20-1800

Sarah and Erik torpor Arya to prevent him from completely falling to the Beast. He has been feeding from just vampires for years now and is low Humanity. (Beth Strickling) (Michael Hamilton)


1966 - 1969

Put into torpor by a childer of one of his rivals for control of the Night Market, Arya learns from this that more care must be taken before following through with plans. He was kept safe by the Archive during this time.


2000 - 2001

Arya entered a voluntary torpor for a year to help 'clear out the cob webs' It was this time that, upon waking, he discovered that not all of his dairies and records had been saved through out the years. In fact, he was able to trace the lost of some to the Brood attacks in the SW. He now has a driving goal to make sure this does not happen again.