Ancient Egypt


King Menes Unites Upper & Lower Egypt

3100 B.C.

--First pharaoh
--First dynasty established
--Wanted to bring Egypt under one ruler

Old Kingdom

2700 B.C. - 2200 B.C.

--Mummification became a thing
--Pharaohs were considered gods
--Prosperity and splendor abounded
--Pyramids and sphinxes began being built
--Bureaucracy came about

Great Pyramid Built at Giza

2540 B.C.

--Built as a tomb for King Khufu
--3 smaller pyramids constructed for his queens
--Over 100,000 workers were needed
--20-year construction period

Middle Kingdom

2055 B.C. - 1650 B.C.

--Period of disorder after Old Kingdom collapsed
--Golden Age of Stability
--Egypt expanded; conquered Nubia
--Pharaohs now were "shepherds of his people"

New Kingdom

1550 B.C. - 1070 B.C.

--Egyptians learned how to use new tools & weapons
--They used their new knowledge against the Hyskos
--New political system
--Most powerful state in ancient near east

Death (or Life) of Queen Hatshepsut

1458 B.C.

--Dressed and wanted to be seen as a man
--Encouraged mining

Akenaten (Amenhotep IV) Becomes Ruler

1353 B.C.

--Ruled for 17 years
--Changed his name to mean "son of Aten"
--Tried to change Egypt to a monotheistic empire

King Tut's Life

1341 B.C. - 1322 B.C.

--Ruled for 9years
--Discovered to have a broken leg
--Some theorists think he was murdered
--All his gold stayed in his tomb

Reign of Ramses II

1279 B.C. - 1213 B.C.

--Considered as Egypt's last great pharaoh
--Ruled for 66 years
--Died of dental problems

Rosetta Stone Created

196 B.C.

--Found in 1799 by french soldiers in Rosetta in the Nile Delta
--Trilingual dictionary
--Contained greek and two forms of hieroglyphics
--118 cm high, 77 cm wide, 30 cm deep
--Weighed 3/4 of a ton (1500 lbs)
--Deciphered by Thomas Young and Jean-Francois Champollion