Research Report- Confucius Timeline


Confucius is born in Qufu

551 BCE

Confucius' father died

549 BCE

Confucius' mother died

535 BCE

Confucius got married

533 BCE

Confucius' son is born

532 BCE

Confucius starts his own private school

522 BCE

Confucius begins his teaching

520 BCE

Legendary meeting between Confucius and Lao-Tzu (founder of Taoism)

518 BCE

Confucius is appointed Chief Magistrate (mayor) of Zhongdu

501 BCE

Appointed the Minister of Justice for the Kingdom of Lu

500 BCE

Confucius leaves Lu; period of wandering begins

497 BCE

Confucius leaves the state of Lu and heads to Wei to promote his ideas

497 BCE

Confucius returns to Qufu in Lu and focuses on teaching

484 BCE

Confucius dies in Lu

479 BCE

Qin Emperor orders Confucian texts to be burnt and kills many scholars

221 BCE - 206 BCE