From British Raj to Independence.


Indian Become Educated


As more Indians become educated they start to demand for equality ( according to the British legal system). In addition, they start to see Britain as a foreign country with no right to rule.

The Demand for Independence


Indians who wanted independence founded the Indian national congress. This political organization was to represent all Indians in the struggle of Independence.

Muslims for their own organization


As the Muslims feared domination by the Hindu majority they formed their own organization- The Muslim League.

Indians Receive a Greater voice


Due to boycotting British goods, the British had to prevent that so they gave the Indians a greater voice in the government.

World war I- No Independence gained


As 1 million Indians helped the British during world war one by fighting on their side, they expected Independence. However, that was not given. This disappointed many Indians and made them impatient.

A new Leader Emerged- Mohandas Gandhi


Gandhi was a leader who used non violence and passive resistance to protest and believed this would inspire others. He spoke against the British colonialism.

Amritsar Massacre


After World War I, Gandhi's followers staged a demonstration of a nation wide non-violent protest campaign in the city of Amritsar. The British troops fired on the demonstrators, they killed 300 and wounded 1000.

Sea March


Gandhi planned another non-violent protest by marching 250 miles. After reaching the sea shore he used the sea water to make salt and refused to pay the tax. Gandhi's followers staged protests nation wide. However the British, arrested 60,000 people.

Hindu-Muslim Fight


Tensions between the Hindus and Muslims grew as the Muslims wanted to divide the nations. In the Hindu- Muslim fight thousand of people were killed. The British and the Indian congress were convinced that India would have to be divided.

Independece Gained


On 15th august 1947 India become Independent. By then there was a widespread of violence between the Muslims and Hindus. India got divided into Pakistan( Muslims fled) and India( Hindus and Sikhs fled).