Education Timeline


Jean Piaget

1896 - 1980
  1. Developed four stages of cognitive development during childhood.

  2. The theory of equilibrium and the formation of schemas

Lev Vygotsky

1896 - 1934
  1. Best know for his theory of social development.

  2. His theory has three major themes: culture, Zone of Proximity, and MKO


1900 - 1960
  1. Rewards and reinforcement are necessary to promote learning.

  2. Basic process is observe facts and knowledge, practice/repeat, and perform

Erik Erickson

1902 - 1994
  1. He is best known for his theory of psychosocial development which spans from birth to death.

  2. In his theory there are 8 basic stages that we go through that contribute to our development. Each has a negative and positive outcome

Benjamin Bloom

1913 - 1999
  1. Best know for his taxonomy of learning and its levels of thinking

  2. Emphasized that learning builds upon itself

Howard Gardner

1943 - Present
  1. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences is what he is best known for and it there are eight parts to it.

  2. Everyone has a specialized and unique intelligence


1970 - Present
  1. Students need to take the learning materials and construct it into something of their own

  2. Highly social way of learning and students always work together