Poe Timeline

Intriguing/Interesting Facts

He was never officially adopted by the Allen family.

1811 - 1812

Poe wrote his first poem when he was only 15.

1824 - 1825

He was only 17 years old when he was accepted to the University of Virginia

1826 - 1827

His foster father was rumored to be having affairs.

1827 - 1828

-In the same house his wife lay dieing. Poe called him out and threatened to reveal his secret, but did not to spare Mrs. Allan's name.

He joined the army under the false name Edgar A Perry.

1829 - 1830

Poe played games with his wife on the lawn.

1841 - 1842

-One account says during a game of leapfrog he split his pants and bushed furiously, his wife couldn't stop laughing.

He was only paid $9.00 for The Raven

1845 - 1846

The Raven was Poe's nickname.

1845 - 1846

Children would walk behind him on the street flapping their arms and cawing, Poe would play along by suddenly turning around and saying "Nevermore".

Poe's madness and drunkeness was largely exaggerated.

1849 - 1850

-They are a product of a man named Rufus Griswold. He was upset because of a negative review Poe gave him so he wrote a false obituary and biography making sure the world falsely thought of Poe as an evil man.

Poe is buried next to his Mother-in-Law and wife.

1849 - 1850

3 Theories of Poe's Death

The Rabies Theory

1849 - 1850

Recently, Poe's body was uncovered and scientist suggest he could have died of rabies.

The Brain Tumor Theory

1849 - 1850

Another common theory was he died from a brain tumor, since it was said he was delirious.

The Politician Theory

1849 - 1850

Some henchmen were hired by a politician to drug the passerby and force him to vote for said politician which was common, considering he was wearing someone else's clothes. Poe was found on election day.

Significant Events

When Edgar was one year old,

1810 - 1811

-Almost everybody he loved almost died of Tuberculosis.

His father did not like him and left him and his mother at the two.

1811 - 1812

His real mother died at the age of 25, Edgar was two.

1811 - 1812

Poe's first love died of brain cancer when poe was 15 years old

1824 - 1825

When Edgar was 27 years old he married his 13 year old cousin Victoria Clemm.

1836 - 1837

5 Literary Connections to his life or events in history.

At six Poe was afraid of the dead or dying hat he panicked,

1815 - 1816

-whenever he passed a cemetery. Which made him write the black cat

Due to his excessive experimentation with with opium and alcohol-

1829 - 1830

,His writing got darker, like the Raven

His fondness for alcohol and other drugs had on the way he wrote it

1829 - 1830

got much more darker as the days, went by. He wrote the Raven

In 1834 his foster father died and that took a toll on his,

1834 - 1835
  • mental stability. Which leading him to write the tall tale heart.

His last words were "Lord help my poor soul" he believed to be in,

1848 - 1849
  • trouble, due to the dark influences of death had on him. before he wrote The Cask of Amontillado

3 connections to our society today.

How the Fall of Usher relates to Scoiety.

1838 - 1839

This piece relates because familys now that have been having so many generations are dying off because some say that their maybe a curse that maybe kill people.

The Black Cat on society.

1842 - 1843

Edgar has written this piece to show how dark everything can be just like how society can be.

The Raven on Society.

1844 - 1845

this piece relates to society because it shows that people in power will be dark enough to get in front of the other person or to better them self.