Events that Lead to WWII


Events that Lead to WWII

Hitler signs the Non-Agression Pact with Poland


Hitlers first attempt to unite Germany and Austria.


Hitler claimed that this was merely a rumour

Hitler Becomes the Fuhrer


The World Disarmament Conference collapses


World Leaders believed that disarmament was not going to benefit any of them

Saar returns to Germany by way of vote.


Hitler signs a Naval agreement pact with Britain


The Spanish Civil war [ends 1939]


This was the fight between democracy and the dictatorship,Franco.

Germany and Japan Sign Anti-Cominterm Pact


This is later signed by the Italians in 1937

Hitler Moves into the Rhineland

March 1936

This breaks the Treaty of Versailles, but the League of nations have no power to stop Hitler

Anschluss with Austria


Chamberlain and Hitler meet to discuss about the Sudetenland

September 15, 1938

Britain, France, and Italy give Germany Czechoslovakian Land

September 29,1938

German troops take over Sudetenland

October 1, 1938

Hitler takes over all of Czechoslovakia

March 15,1939

Hitler and Stalin sign the Soviet-Nazi pact

August 24,1939

Stalin was seen as a political disgrace as it was against his political beliefs

Hitler takes over Poland

September 1,1939