Engineering Timeline


Discovery of Fire

6000 BC - 3000 BC

Copper Age

5000 BC - 3000 BC

Wheel and Axle
Use of Stone Tools
Written Communication
Use of soft metal for tools

Babylonian Engineers

3000 BC - 600 BC

Familiar with basic math
Could figure out areas and volume of excavations
Number system was base 60
Primitive Arches used in moving water
Bridges were built with stone piers carrying wooden stringers
Built roads
Gardens of Bablyon

Egyptian Engineers

2900 BC - 1900 BC

Pyramid Age
Able to precisely calculate the size of stones

Roman Engineering

600 BC - 400 AD

Aqueducts for:
Water supply
Sanitary systems

Middle Ages

0 AD - 1500 AD

First printing press
Leonardo da Vinci - Architect, engineer, artist
Military and civil engineering feats for war - bridges, catapaults

Industrial Age

1600 - 1700

James Watt built the steam engine
Spinning and weaving machinery was developed
Luigi Galvani principles of electrical conduction

Revival of Science

1700 - 1800

Hooke discovers the elastic limit
Huygens discovers the spiral watch spring, pendulum clock
Newton developed Laws of Motion, calculus

Modern Science Begins

1800 - 1899

Electricity develops
Generating electricity
Transmission of electrical signals
Refining iron

20th Century Technology

1900 - 1999

Henry Ford build cars
Edison develops the electrical equipment
Wright brothers
Nylon and plastics were developed
First computer
Using silicon to create transistors
Jet engines
Laser technologies were developed
Satellite Communications