George Washington's Time in Office

Joshua Lemaster


French Revolution


While George Washington was in office for presidency, in France the citizens had begun to rebel against the King. After the Revolutionary War the French had become influenced and inspired them to do the same as the Americans. The people had prevailed and beheaded the king in front of the public showing their victory.

Whiskey Rebellion

1791 - 1794

In March, 1791, Congress passed a tax on American-made Whiskey, so that the federal debt could be paid. Everyone did not support the tax, because some felt the federal government had no right to tax what they “created themselves.” Soon, fights over the tax had broken out in areas of Western Pennsylvania, and people were refusing to pay the Whiskey tax elsewhere. Washington, who felt Congress had a right to enforce the tax, personally led the military to Western Pennsylvania and halted the rebellion without a battle.

Neutrality Proclamation


With the French and British going into war against each other, America would have to choose a side. With the Neutrality Proclamation the Americans had chosen neither of their sides, George Washington made this decision without the approval of Congress.

Jay's Treaty


With the war finally over, the British had to repay the Americans for the damages caused during the war. This is when the Jay’s Treaty was created. The privateers are mercenary sailors that traveled and by boats.They had to pay for the all the wrecked ships on the harbor and had to remove all the forts placed in the western territories. Even after the treaty was made most of the citizens of America were still upset because they believe that the British deserve a greater punishment then just paying for damages.

Pinckney's Treaty


With Spain owning the ports in New Orleans still, the Americans had to make another treaty to resolve this difficult situation. In 1784, the Spaniards had possessed the ports and closed them for trading in America. Without trading in this area there was no way for the area to expand. The economy’s profits will start to decline without trade, so the Americans had created the Pinckney’s Treaty.

Treaty of Greenville


On August 3, in 1795, the Natives had begun a war against the colonist after their supposedly great idea of expanding westward. The French and Indian War was based off of the same problem as this occurrence. These people of a new free world wanted to expand their land so they had started colonizing father in the anonymous lands. With the Treaty of Greenville the Americans were allowed to settle in the Northwest regions of this country.