The Shift from Representative Government to Responsible Government


The Need for Change

1830 - 1835

In 1830, many people in BNA were unhappy. The top of the representative government was the queen which was Britain. Queen wasn't democratic because she wasn't elected by votes and she cared about Britain the most.
Governor was under the Queen and Governor was chosen by the Queen.Governor put Britain wish first so it was unfair to other people like First Nations and Black Colonist.
Council which is under the Governor, was chosen from Governor. Anyone couldn't be Council. Person who belonged to the church of the England and were part of Elite could be Council. Council wasn't democratic either.
Assembly were under the Council. Only men could be Assembly but it wasn't always Elite people.
Voters, which wasn't democratic either. Only males over 21 who were British citizens could vote and First Nations couldn't vote.
Most of the representative government wasn't democratic.

The Rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada

1837 - 1838

For rebellions in Lower Canada, they started rebellions because Government started to arrest people who they thought might start a rebellion. Rebellion was stopped but some rebels were fighting and they defeated. They tried second rebellion but they defeated again by the government.
For the rebellions in Upper Canada, they tried rebellions because they knew it that British soldiers were busy with the rebellions Lower Canada. They defeated easily because of militia which is a group of people who are not professionally trained as soldiers, but they are used in times of need.

Lord Durham's Report

1838 - 1847

Durham thought that Britain should give responsible government to the people in Canada. He thought it would help those in poverty. Britain looked it and joined Canada west and Canada east into one colony called Colony of Canada but they did not give responsible government.

Responsible Government in Province of Canada

1848 - 1851

Province of Canada achieved responsible government in 1949. Canada East and Canada West joined forces to create an Assembly. There wasn't exactly premier and Canada east and Canada West were premier.

Responsible Govrnment in Prince Edward Island

1851 - 1854

P.E.I achieved responsible government in 1851. George Coles and Edward Whelan pushed for change. They fought back by not passing any bills or voting any money for governments. The first premier was George coles.

Second Main

The Impact of Joseph Howe

1835 - 1837

Joesph Howe was one of the famous politicians of the mid-1800s. He was important for people in Nova Scotia and Elite people too.
Joseph Howe was fair so in his newspaper, he wrote it fair way even it goes against with government. He arrested by government because Novascotian which is by Joesph Howe was against to government.
He used that he was a good speaker. He talked about how the power of the elite was unfair. Audience and jury listened carefully so they cried and laughed. The jury decided Joseph Howe was not guilty. After this happening, he became Assembly the next year.

Responsible Government Achived in Nova Scotia

1847 - 1848

Nova Scotia achieved responsible government in 1847. Joseph Howe kept pushing for responsible government. He helped create a strong reform party in the colony. The first premier in Nova Scotia was James Boyle.

Responsible Government in New Brunswick

1854 - 1855

New Brunswick achieved responsible government in 1854. Some people wanted to change government so responsible government appeared. Charles Fisher became the first premier in New Brunswick.

Responsible Government in Newfoundland

1855 - 1856

Newfoundland achieved responsible government in 1855. Responsible Government in Newfoundland became strong when Roman Catholic and Methodist politicians decided to do confederation.