The Shift from Representative Government to Responsible Government


The Need for Change

1830 - 1835

There are 5 parts of Representative Government. The Top one is a monarch(Queen). The Queen didn't get elected and the Queen just cares for her own country. Underneath that is the Governor. The Governor are picked by the Queen and the Governor just listens to the British's ideas. Under Governor is the Council. The Council gives some advice to the Governor and picks laws. Under the Council is the Assembly. The Assembly and controlling about the taxes. They raise the taxes or lower the taxes. The final decision is picked by the Queen but the making before the check is Assembly's job. Finally, underneath the Assembly is the Voter. The Voter are mostly male because that time, the female didn't have that much power than the males.

The Rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada

1837 - 1838

Rebellion is when people turn against government in a bad, violent way. Disagree with something can connect to Rebellion too. Upper Canadian knew what or who British Soldiers were but the British Soldiers were busy with the Lower Canadians rebellions. Upper Canadian tried their own rebellion too.
Government find and organized a reservist but that reservist were not professional soldiers and defeated the rebels.

Lord Durham's Report

1838 - 1847

This Lord Durham's Report is a very important document in the past history of Quebec, Ontario, Canada, and the British Empire. This document were completed on 1839 January. This Report contains many inaccuracies of Upper Canada.

Responsible Government Achieved in Nova Scotia

1847 - 1848

Nova scotia got it's first Responsible Government on BNA. Joseph Howe, who got to be a hero was elected in 1836

Responsible Governmet in Province of Canada

1848 - 1851

The First premiers are Louis-Hipployte LaFontaine from Canada East. Robert Baldwin is from Canada west who succeed to create an Assembly in 1849

Responsible Government in Prince Edward Island

1851 - 1854

George Coles is the first premier for PEI. Edward Whelan are the first premier too. They were the reformed leaders.

Responsible Government in New Brunswick

1854 - 1855

Britain agreed with the changed that happened on 1854. The New Brunswicks's first premier is Charles Fisher and the leader are Lemuel Alan and Charles Fisher were the leaders too.

Responsible Government in Newfoundland

1855 - 1856

Roman Catholic and Methodist determined to get together for Reform and to get a responsible government because that time, the New found land really wanted to have a responsible government. After getting together, they finally got a responsible government. Philip F. Little was the first premier and he even got (won) first election.


The Impact of Joseph Howe

1835 - 1837

Joseph Howe was a very famous politician of the mid-1800s. There was a newspaper called Freedom of the press that talks about anything that is true even it goes to the government. On 1830s Joseph Howe puts a freedom to a test. He published a newspaper called the Novascotian. On the new years day on 1835, he published a letter in his newspaper that the city leader in Halifax were spending public money. Large sums of money that has to be used for poor people were used. When the city leader looked at it, he were so disappointed. The city leader were saying it was a lie, so they brought him to the court on charge. Still, the legal term for telling lies such as these is libel and he was guilty. He could have been fined or sent to jail. On the main day of his trial, he spoke for 6 hours, talking about why elites were not fair. His speech were sometimes making laughter but sometimes making people cry. The jury decided that Joseph were guilty and after the trial, he were a hero.