Scottsboro Timeline


The Accusing

March 25, 1931 - March 26, 1931

2 white women accused 9 black men of raping them

The Trial

April 6, 1931 - April 9, 1931

All but one of the men were given death sentences, despite that one was blind, two were too old and unfirm, and one was underaged, and they were not even in the same railcar.

The Appeal

November 7, 1932 - 11/08/1932

The Supreme Court ordered new trials for the men stating in adequate counsel and poor representation.

New Trials

March 27, 1933 - June 22, 1933

Includes the testimony of two doctors who refuted the likelihood that a rape occured, Ruby Bates's (an accuser) retration of the accustion, and a harsh scrutiny of the life of Victoria Price. Despite everything, Charley Weems and Hayward Patterson were again found guilty and given the death penalty. Judge James Horton overturned the conviction and ordered a new trial. And despite that Clarence Norris was also convicted and given the death sentence in a subsequent trial.

The supreme Court steps in

April 1, 1935 - January 23, 1936

The Supreme Court overturns the convictions, stating that the defendants were not given a jury of their peers, in this case, African-Americans.

Patterson's Sentence

January 23, 1936 - January 23, 2011

Patterson is found guilty and sentencced to 75 years in prison The sentence is a compromise between the foreman, who thought the defendant innocent, and the rest of the jury.

Andy Wright

July 20, 1937 - July 21, 1937

The trial of Andy Wright ends in conviction and a sentence of 99 years.

Charges Dropped

July 24, 1937 - July 25, 1937

The rape charges against the last four defendants, Olan Montgomer, Willie Roberson, Eugene Williams, and roy Wright, are dropped.

Powell and Norris

June, 1946 - September, 1946

Ozie Powell is released on parole in June. Clarence Norris is paroled again.


June, 1950 - December, 1950

Patterson is arrested in June by the FBI in Detroit. Alabama abandons attempt to return him to prison. Patterson is charged with murder in a barroom brawl.

Patterson's Fate

September, 1951 - August, 1952

In September 1951, Patterson is convicted of manslaught and sentence to 6-15 years. In August of 1952, Patterson dies of Cancer.