The Detroit Pistons


Team was founded as the Fort Wayne Pistons


Founded by Fred Zollner

Throwing Games

1953 - 1955

There was speculation that Pistons players were throwing games, including the 1955 Finals.

Decades of Struggle

1957 - 1979

The Pistons always featured a good player, but just never built around them. The team struggled to get fans in seats in an area built around cars, and Fred Zollner eventually sold the team to Bill Davidson in 1974.

On the Move


Fred Zollner moved the team to Detroit because of small profit being made in Fort Wayne.

Number One- 1967


The Pistons drafted Jimmy Walker number one overall in 1967, the teams first ever number one pick.

Bob Lanier- Number One


The Pistons drafted Bill Lanier out of Saint Bonaventure University first overall in 1970, the team's most recent first overall pick.

Isaiah Thomas


Drafted Isaiah Thomas out of Indiana University second overall, and changed the landscape of the team.

Thomas, Lambieer, Johnson


The team acquired Bill Lambieer from the Cleveland Caviliers and Vinnie Johnson from the Seattle SuperSonics, and the two teamed up with Thomas and stayed together for a decade.

The Bad Boys


The team drafted John Salley, Dennis Rodman, acquired Adrian Dantley in a trade from a Jazz, and drafted Joe Dumars the year before to form which was called "The Bad Boys."

Close, but not enough


Pistons won 54 games, a franchise record, and the team coasted to the finals, and let a 3-2 lead slip away to the "Showtime" Los Angeles Lakers.

Revenge- Title of 1989


The Pistons would then shatter the record they set of 54 wins, winning 63, and swept the "Showtime" Lakers the next year in the Finals. Joe Dumars was named Finals MVP.

Moving to the Palace


The team moved to the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Defending- Title of 1990


The Pistons defended their title, took out the Jordan led Bulls in the Eastern Confernece Finals, and beat the Portland Trail Blazers. Isaiah Thomas won Finals MVP.

Grant Hill


The Pistons drafted Grant Hill third overall in 1994.

Change of Scenery


The team changed their colors from the original red, white, and blue to teal, burgundy, gold and black.

TItle of 2004


Rip Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons to a 4-1 defeat over the LA Lakers star loaded lineup of Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O'Neal.

Malice in the Palace


With a minute left in the game between the Pacers and the Pistons, a fight broke out between players. After it was all separated, Ron Artest was struck with a drink while laying on the scorers table. Artest and other teammates then stormed the crowd, and began fighting fans. The altercation resulted in nine players being suspended without pay which would end up being a loss of 11 million for the players in terms of salary. Five fans also faced criminal charges, and remained banned from Pistons games for life.

Close to a Repeat- 2005


The Pistons rallied back to the Finals in '05, but fell short to Tim Duncan and the Spurs in a close game 7.

Strong Start


The team started 37-5 through 42 games, the best start ever by a Detroit franchise, and tied for the NBA's best start ever.

Allen Iverson


The team traded Antonio McDyess and Chauncey Billups to acquire Allen Iverson. Iverson would end up leaving the team in the offseason.

New Ownership


The team was then sold to billinoare Tom Gores in April of 2011.

The last piece


The team traded Tayshaun Prince to the Grizziles and acquired Jose Calderon, making Prince the last player left of the 2004 Championship team.