Timeline of The 1812 War


USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere


Soon after the War of 1812 had started these two ships had battled each other and with the HMS Guerriere losing the Americans morale had risen exponentially with this important victory.

War of 1812

1812 - 1814

The war was started with the British supplying weaponry to the Native Americans who were attacking the Americans trying to expand westward; The British had been hijacking American ships including the men aboard them, and they had allied with the Native Americans. The British had sent ships across the Atlantic Ocean and had sent troops from Canada were they would be able to attack all over the eastern seaboard, including the northern regions of America.

Battle of Lake Erie


The commander Oliver Hazard Perry was deployed on Lake Erie to gain naval superiority on the lake. His mission was accomplished and he had sent the famous message to his commanding officer "We have met the enemy and they are ours".

Battle of Thames


Once the battle of Lake Erie was finished the Americans continued past Canada's borders and to recapture Detroit. A Calvary attack was chosen to destroy the swindled British lines. This plan was successful; allowing the Americans to finish off the remaining Native American allies, including Tecumseh.

The Battle of Horseshoe Bend

1813 - 1814

With the alliance between Britain and Native Americans, Tecumseh had ordered the Red Sticks to aid the British troops in attacking American settlements. After the attacks, Major General Andrew Jackson was on a mission to destroy a large emplacement camp full of Red Sticks at the end of this river. He had traveled up the stream with over 3000 troops and successfully gained two million acres of land after defeating the Native Americans.

The Treaty of Ghent


This treaty would end the war but would have to travel over sea to get to the Americans.

The Battle of New Orleans


Even though the war was ended this battle was not yet informed of the news since it would take a long time for the treaty to reach America and for everyone to be told the news. So this final battle was going to be a victory for the British, but they had gained many casualties.