Washington Presidency


French Revolution


The French Revolution was when people of France went against the King, The revolution was after ended when the French people won and the public was then after the King and Queen.

Whiskey Rebellion

1791 - 1794

This was when the Congress decide to pass a tax on the to pay off the federal debt. No one wanted to pay taxes for something they haven't done. People didn't want to pay taxes and Washington felt Congress should enforce this law.

Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

This was when Washington said that United States would not take any side when France and England were at war. Washington approvals this without the Congress. http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT0n3WfZP5lqn12xlcDJeoIbs0LoUiK8qicgar_wPL7e6dYLfGm6k-aSAyKvA

Jay’s Treaty

November 19, 1794

The Jay's treaty was the one that fixed problems between United States and Britain that were going to end up as war. People thought the treaty didn't punish British enough. Then the British had to pay the damages for American ships that had been destroyed.

Treaty of Greenville

August 3, 1795

Native Americans waged the war against the United States. This treaty gave the United States the claim the Native Americans land. U.S. won after five years of fighting and the British helped out the Native Americans.

Pinckney’s Treaty

October 27, 1795

Spain controlled the port of New Orleans and they had closed it to the United States trade. Then U.S. couldn't transport goods and this damaged the American economy. Then this treaty reopened the port and solved the problem Washington thought it was a success.