AP EURO Chapter 20


Toussaint L'Ouverture

1743 - 1803

-A Lead of the Haiti Revolution


1770 - 1828

-Prime Minister of England
-Established the Corn Law

Simon Bolivar

1783 - 1830

-Led the Venezuelan Revolution
-Led 3 to 4 other revolutions
-Believer in equal rights and a republic

Serbian Independence

1804 - 1815

-Creates war against the Ottoman
-Leader, Alexander I, negotiated Independence

Creole Discontent

1808 - 1810

-Citizens were unhappy with trade policies in place

Corn Law


-The British Corn Law aimed to maintain high prices of that of domestic grown grains

Coercion Acts


-Laws that suspended Habeus Corpus
-Benefited the conservatives enabling them to do more things
-Also extended laws on the gathering and meetings of clubs

Peterloo Masacre


-A massacre in which a mass of about 50 to 70 thousand liberalists were meeting
-Only 15 killed when a cavalry of soldier charged the mass
-Demonstrates the extremities and lines that were crossed between these two battling parties

Six Acts


-A series of laws that aimed to prevent radical leaders from agitating and to give more power to the authorities

Carlsbad Decrees


-These decrees got rid of the Burschenschaften by forbidding the group meetings and gatherings of students in clubs

Protocol of Troppau


-Declaration that established stable governments
-Successful in helping Naples
-Intervening was allowed during revolutions in other countries

Greek Revolution


-Citizens revolted against the Ottoman Empire for their independence
-Other European countries would later get involved due to the tension and turmoil that was spread
-Likely to have created the "Eastern Question"

Spanish Revolution


-Ferdinand VII refused to look at the constitution and follow the rule
-Citizens rebelled and agreed to an acceptance of the consitution

Charles X

1824 - 1830

-King to later be dethroned for becoming a tyrant
-Created a law the imprisoned or sentenced death to those who violated sacrilage

Deccembrist Uprising


-An uprising that took place in Russia where citizens gathered together to revolt for and create a constitutional monarchy and also for the abolishment of serdom

The Great Reform Bill of 1832


-This bill created a larger group in that of the electoral college of England
-Instituted by the Whigs