OT Prophets (Joel - Malachi)


Joel - Prophet to Judah

Jonah - prophet to Ninevah (Assyria) and Israel

Amos - prophet to Judah and Israel

Hosea - prophet to Israel

Micha - prophet to Judah and Israel (Samaria)

Isaiah - prophet to Judah

Nahum - prophet ofJudah, prophecied against Ninevah

Zephaniah - prophet to Judah

Jeremiah - prophet to Judah

Habakkuk - prophet to Judah

Daniel - prophet to exiles of Judah in Babylon

Obadiah - prophecied against Edom

Ezekiel - prophet to exiles of Judah in Babylon

Haggai - prophet to Judah's remnant that returned to Jerusalem

Zechariah - prophet to Judah's remnant that returned to Jerusalem

Malachi - prophet to Judah's remnant that returned to Jerusalem

Kings of Israel

King Jehu

King Jehoahaz

King Jehoash

King Jeroboam II

King Zechariah

King Menahem

King Shallum

King Pekahiah

King Pekah

King Hoshea

Kings of Judah

Queen Athaliah

King Joash

King Amaziah

King Azariah (Uzziah)

King Jotham

King Ahaz

King Hezekiah

King Manasseh

King Amon

King Josiah

King Jehoiakim

King Jehoahaz

King Jehoiachin

King Zedekiah

Major Events in Judah and Israel

Israel pays tribute to Assyria

Jonah preaches in Ninevah

722 BC - End of Northern Kingdom / Assyria defeats Israel

Defeated by the Assyrians

701 BC Assyrian King Sennacherib tries unsuccessfully to destroy Jerusalem.

God defends the city and King Hezekiah.

Exile in Babylon

586 BC - Judah defeated and taken captive to Babylon by Nebuchandnezzar

Defeated by the Babylonians and first wave carried off to captivity.

538 BC Returning exiles begin to re-build the Temple

538 - First group returns to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel

538 BC - Cyrus' decree to return to Jerusalem

520 BC Temple building resumes and is dedicated on March 12, 515

Esther becomes queen of Xerxes and saves Jewish people

458 BC Ezra restores Jerusalem's walls

458 BC - Second group returns under Ezra

432 BC - Final group returns under Nehemiah

Rulers of Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt

Sheshonq III rules Egypt

Adad-irari III king of Assyria

Shalmaneser IV King of Assyria

Nubian/Kush Dynasty begins in Egypt

Tiglathpileser III King of Assyria

Sargon II King of Assyria

Sennacherib king of Assyria

Esarhaddon king of Assyria

Ashurbanipal king of Assyria

Saite Dynasty in Egypt

Nebopolassar starts Neo-Babylonian Empire

Pharoah Neco

Nebuchadnezzar II rules Babylon

Psamtik II rules in Egypt

Cyrus the Great - starts Persian Empire

Psamtik - conquered by Persia

Darius I rules Persian Empire

Xerxes rules Persian Empire

Artaxerxes rules Persian Empire

Major Events in Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt

Egyptian Late Dynastic Period and Saite Dynasty

Assyrian Empire

729 Babylonians occupied by Assyria

671 Egypt conquered by Assyria

651 Egypt expells Assyria

625 BC Nebopolassar of Babylon overthrows the Assyrians

Ninevah (capital of Assyria) falls

Neo-Babylonian Empire

Egyptian ruler Psamtik II supports Zedekiah (of Judah's) revolt

586 Nebuchadnezzar II conquers and destroys Jerusalem

539 BC - Fall of Babylon to Cyrus of Persia

Persian Empire

Persian Kingdom defeated by Alexander the Great in 333 (Greek rule).

525 Fall of Thebes in Egypt

Persians rule Egypt

485 BC Babylon destroyed by Xerxes, king of Persia

333 BC Alexander the Great (Greece) conquers Persian Empire