Untitled timeline

Events While Bush Was In Office

Bush Doctrine


Gave the US the right to attack any country that is harboring or keeping terrorists.

Patriot Act


Gave the Government the right to look over your phone records, credit card, email etc. if you are believed to be a terrorist.

Terrorist Attacks of 9/11


Osama Bin Laden and his group of terrorists called al Qaeda, took over several airplanes and crashed two into the Twin Towers in NY, one into the Pentagon. The last airplane was saved and landed into a field.

War In Iraq


One reason we invaded Iraq is because we had suspicions that Osama Bin Laden had ties with Saddam Hussein who resided in Iraq

Events While Obama Was/Is In Office

Stimulus Package


$784 Billion dollars is what was involved in this, it was meant to "jump start" the economy.

BP Oil Spill


This is one of our problems still facing us today, it has to do with energy.

Heath Care Reform


-Individual Mandate - That everyone in the US has to have Heath Insurence
Pre- Existing conditons - People that already have ilnesses will be coverd
Parents Insuence lasts till 26 year olds - The economy was bad and there were so many unemploied peple

Took Troops Out of Iraq


After 10+ years of war, President Obama proposed to take the troops out of Iraq and it went through.

My birthday and a important event in my life time

My Birthday


Event in my lifetime



Event in McFarland in my life time

McFarland High School's 50th Anniversary