Challenges For America

Events in France

Start of French Revolution

July 14, 1789

The French Revolution started with the capture of Bastille, a hated fortress which stood as a symbol of royal power.

Events In America

Issue of the Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

The Neutrality Proclamation said that the U.S. wouldn't take any sides with any warring European country.

Battle of Fallen Timbers

August 20, 1794

Native Americans fought with the Americans in this battle and lost.

Signing of Jay's Treaty

November 1794

Jay's Treaty settled early 1790s disputes between Great Britain and America. This treaty was signed much to many citizens' disapproval.

End of Whiskey Rebellion

November 1794

Most of the rebels participating in the Whiskey Rebellion fled at the sound of news stating that an army of 13,000 sent by George Washington had approached western Pennsylvania. The rebellion ended without a battle.

Signing of the Treaty of Greenville

August 1795

This treaty allowed the United States to lay claims on most of the Indian lands in the Northwest Territiory. The U.S. citizens in the claimed Indian lands in the Northwest Territory also had their safety guaranteed there under the treaty. In return, the Indians recieved $20k's worth of goods and acknowledgement of their claim to still Indian-held lands.

Signing of Pinckney's Treaty

October 1795

The signing of Pinckney's Treaty helped settle U.S. border and trade disputes with Spain. Under this treaty, the U.S.'s new southern boundart was 31* N latitude. Also, the closed port at New Orelans was reopened to the Americans.